Japanese-English Dictionary

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In Japanese:

Moon Tiara Magic
Moon Healing Activation
Moon Prism Power
Moon Crystal Power
"In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"
"The Moonlight carries the message of love."

Tsukino Usagi
Moon Tiara Action
Moon Healing Escalation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
"Ini kawatte otiokyo!"
"Tsukino hikari wa ai no message."

Amy Anderson
Bubbles Blast
Ice Bubbles Freeze
Ice Storm Blast
Mercury Power
Mercury Star Power
Mercury Crystal Power

Mizuno Ami
Shabon Spray
Shabon Spray Freezing
Shine Aqua Illusion
Mercury Power, Make Up
Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up

Raye Hino
Fire Ignite
Celestial Fire Surround
Firebird Strike
Mars Power
Mars Star Power
Mars Crystal Power
"Mars Fireball Charge"

Hino Rei
Fire Soul
Burning Mandala
Fire Soul Bird
Mars Power, Make Up
Mars Star Power, Make Up
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up
"Akuryo Taisan"

Thunder Crash
Thunder Dragon
Thunderclap Zap
Jupiter Power
Jupiter Star Power
Jupiter Crystal Power

Kino Makoto
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Jupiter Power, Make Up
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up

Crecent Beam Smash
Meteor Shower
Love Chain Encircle
Venus Power
Venus Star Power
Venus Crystal Power

Aino Minako
Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam Shower
Love Me Chain
Venus Power, Make Up
Venus Star Power, Make Up
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up

Tuxedo Mask
The Moonlight Knight
King of Earth
Prince Darien

Chiba Mamoru
Tuxedo Kamen
Tsukikage no Knight
King Endymion
Prince Endymion

Luna Sphere/ Luna Ball
Wicked Lady

Black Lady

Friends & Family:
Molly Baker = Osaka Naru
Melvin = Umino Gurio
Chad = Kumada Yuuichirou
Greg = Urawa Ryo
Andrew = Uruhara Motoki
Mrs. Haruna = Haruna-san
Serena's mother = Tsukino Ikuko
Serena's father = Tsukino Kenji
Sammy = Tsukino Shingo
Time travel:
Moon Kingdom = Silver Millenium
Queen Serenity = Queen Serenity
Princess Serena = Princess Serenity
Prince Darien = Prince Endymion
Neo-Queen Serenity = Neo-Queen Serenity
Crystal Tokyo = Crystal Tokyo
*Serenity is also named Selenity
Jadite = Jadeite
Neflyte = Nephrite
Zoicite(female) = Zoisite (male)
Malachite = Kunzite
Queen Beryl = Queen Beryl
The Negaforce = Queen Metallia
The Negaverse = The Dark Kingdom
Alan/Alien Alan = Ginga Seijuurou/Ail
Ann/Alien Ann = Ginga Natsumi/Ann
The Doom Tree = Makaiju
Rubeus = Rubeus
Catsy = Cooan
Birdy/Berty = Beruche
Avery = Karaberas
Prisma = Petz
Emerald = Esmeroodo/Esmeraude
Prince Diamond = Prince Dimando
Sapphire = Safiir/Saffiru
Wiseman = Wiseman

Theme song in English, in Japanese, and JA translation line by line
(for more lyrics to Japanese SM songs, travel to :Lyric Moon)
Fighting evil by moonlight
winning love be daylight
never running from a real fight,
she is the one named Sailor Moon.
She will never turn her back on her friends
she is always there to defend
she is the one one whom we can depend,
she is the one named Sailor...
Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury,
Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter,
Secret powers all so new to her,
She is the one name Sailor Moon.

Fighting evil by moonlight
winning love be daylight
never running from a real fight,
she is the one named Sailor Moon
She is the one:
Sailor Moon
Gomen ne sunao janakute
Yume no naka nara ieru
Shikou kairo wa shooto sunzen
Ima sugu aitai yo
Nakitaku naru you na moonlight
Denwa mo dekinai midnight
Datte junjou doushiyou
Haato wa mangekyou

Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare
Nando mo meguriau
Seiza no matataki kazoe
uranau koi no yukue
Onaji kuni ni umareta no
Mirakuru romansu
Shinjite yumino
Mirakuru romansu
I'm sorry, I'm not gentle
I can say it in my dreams
My thoughts are about to short circuit
I want to be with you right now
The moonlight makes me want to cry
I can't even call, it's midnight
But I'm so innocent, what should I do
My heart's a kaleidoscope

We are lead by the light of the moon
We meet by chance again and again
The countless shining stars above us
foretell love's whereabouts
Born on the same Earth
A miracle romance
Do you believe?
A miracle romance

Other Handy-Dandy JA Words
japanese = english
JA Vocab A-FJA Vocab G-MJA Vocab M-Y
abunai = watch out
ai no senshi = love's soldier
aishiterou = I love you (very strong)
arigato = thank you
arigato gozaimasu = thank you (polite)
baka = stupid
bishoujo = pretty girl
bishounen = feminine man (i.e., Zoisite)
chibi = miniature
daijoubo = all right
daijoubo desu ka = are you alright?
daijobu = are you alright/ I'm fine
daijoubo desu = it's alright / I'm okay
damare = shut up
do itamashite = you're welcome
domo arigato = many thanks
domo arigato = thank you very much
domo arigato gozaimasu = thank you very much (polite)
doushite = why
kobanwa = good evening
konnichiwa = hello (standard greeting)
kurozuishou = dark crystal [translated to Nephrite's "Star Crystal"]
ecchi = pervert (noun)
fuku = sailor uniform
gambate = good luck / try hard
ginzuishou = silver crystal [Empyrean Silver Crystal]
gomen = sorry
gomen nasai = very sorry
hai = yes
hajimemashite: how are you?
hai = yes or sure
hayaku = hurry
henshin = transformation
hentai = perverted (adj.)
iie = no
ikimashou = let's go
imuoto = younger sister
itai = ouch
ja ne = see you
ja = bye (informal)
ka = [makes a statement into a question]
kawaii = cute
kekkoo desu = no thank you
manga = japanese comic book
masaka = no way
matsudai = forever
matte = wait
minna = everyone
moshi moshi = hello (when answering the phone)
nani = what
ne = "no" [in a contradictory sense, used to
turn a statement into a question]
neko = cat
no = possessive particle [like an "apostrophe+s"]
odango = dumpling
odango atama = dumpling head
ohayo = good morning
oneechan/oneesan/oneesama = older sister
onegai = please
onnichan/oniisan/oniisama = older brother
ototo = younger brother
sayonara = goodbye (final)
sempai = senior
sensei = teacher
senshi = soldier
shinde = die
shoujou = girl
shounen = boy
suishou = crystal
sugoi = amazing
suki da = I love you
yamero = stop
yoshi = alright
youma = monster, demon

Name suffixes and titles:
(name)"-sama" = Very formal and respected ending. Used for someone of superior status, like your boss, or to your guests as a host.
Can be used like "lord" or "lady".
(name)"-sensei" = A respectful term meaning "teacher", that also stands alone as a separate word. Experts in a field such as lawyers, master chefs, fashion designers and even some manga artists can be called "-sensei"
(name)"-san" = Usual term of respect, like "Mr." or "Mrs.". It can be attached to first names, last names, or occupations. It can be used as a default for people whom you do not know well.
(name)"-sempai" = For somebody in the same general social class, but socially superior. For example, girls addressing an older student will use "-sempai".(name)"-chan" = term of affection or friendship, and is used to form "pet" names.
It should be used for young children, girls, two people in a relationship,
or it could be the titles for which a senior calls other people.
(name)"-kun" = used by a socially superior male to a socially inferior male, or between boys who grew up together. Girls go from "-chan" straight to "-san", but boys have a period of "-kun" in between.
(name)"-" = Calling someone by their name alone is taken as being very familiar or rough. A given name alone is less rough than a family name. Using no honorific when one is expected can be seen as an expresion of contempt.
These words can be used seperately or added to the end of a name:
-kohai = junior
-hime = princess
-kimi = prince
-kouhi / -kisaki = queen

For more support files, you can visit those at the Scripts Archive.
Days of the Week & Count to Ten
Getsuyoobi = Monday
Kayoobi = Tuesday
Suiyoobi = Wednesday
Mokuyoobi = Thursday
Kinyoobi = Friday
Doyoobi = Saturday
Nichiyoobi = Sunday

ichi = one
ni = two
san = three
shi / yon = four
go = five
roku = six
shichi / nana = seven
hachi = eight
kyu / ku = nine
juu = ten

In Japanese, the word for death is "shi"
and consequently the supersitious use "yon" and "nana"
forfour and seven.

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