Princess Venus: Topaz Jewel of the 9 KingdomsMarch 20 - Siem PalaceAs a princess, it is my duty to write down my thoughts to reflect upon themand to try to do better in the future. That's what my mother said when shehanded me this diary. My name is Aino Minako, and I am the Imperial Princessof Venus. But living a princess's life isn't glamorous. My mother and fatherare trying to find me a husband tonight at the Firelight festival. I wasgoing to act sick, but I know I can't. My favorite maid, Mia, is making mewear a light orange, strapless dress, with the stomach out. It's lined withblue silk. I love Mia like a sister, so I gave her my green velvet ball gownwith diamonds and emeralds sewn into the sleeves. It's a gorgeous dress, andI really know she loved it. I'm frightened that I might be exiled from thecourt again. I have to go to a different mansion when I am exiled, it's justlike being grounded. I just got back from the Queendom Mansion for climbingtrees in my best day gown.March 21st - Siem PalaceThe ball last night was awful! I had to dance with one of my father'sclumsy lieutenants. My feet were aching by only the second minute. I wentdown to my personal bath and stayed in there for the rest of the night. Butthere was one highlight of the night. When I was coming out of the bath inonly my corset and a cloak tied round my shoulders, with my huge familytopaz the only thing covering my upper chest, I saw him. General Malachite.He walked with the posture of a carefree young boy, his bleach blonde hairflowing out behind him. He was wearing his soldiers' outfit and a light graycape. He bumped into me, and then he spoke with his soft voice, "Oh, I'msorry princess, let me help you up." Oh, Goddess Venus, he is so sweet andhandsome! I watched him walk down the hallway into father's office. Idreamed of him all night.March 26th - Siem PalacePrincess Mars came to visit yesterday; I haven't seen her since last month.I told her about the general. She said that's she's met him before. She alsosaid that he's 22 years old. I did my math. I'm 14 right now, so that makeshim 8 years older than me. But I don't care. Just yesterday when my petlynx, Moreesa, got caught in a tree, he came to my aid and climbed it forme, scaring the cat with a stick. When he came down he told me that hewouldn't want to have me exiled again. He took my hand and kissed the backof it. But what I didn't realize until after he had left was that he put apiece of paper in my hand. I looked at it, and it read, 'Dear Princess, I'msorry for running into you at the bath, and I hope you'll let me make it upto you by inviting you as my Royal Guest at my Day of Birth Ball that yourfather is throwing for me. I'll personally escort you. Meet me tonight at8:30 in the palace waiting room.' I couldn't wait! Later when Mia came in topull on my corset, she could see that I was happy. "Well, My Lady, what'sgotten into you all of a sudden."	"Nothing Mia, will you do me a favor?"	"Anything to keep the princess happy."	"Will you send forest roses to the General Malachite for me, thank you,you can leave me now." When I told her my request she got a sad, but sternlook in her eyes. Truly showing off how old she was, she was only 25, butshe sometimes acted like an old woman.	"I won't princess, the general is handsome, yes, but he is 22 yearsold, going on 23, and if you marry a general, you will be sorry."	"Why? Mia, don't you want me to be happy?"	"Yes Minako, I want you to be happy, but a general is always gone andthey always get killed, or run off after some slut once theytire of their wives." She told me this as gently as she could, but Icouldn't listen. She was sitting next to me, my sister, telling me how torun my life. My blood boiled in my veins.	"Mia, do as I tell you! You cannot run my life, and you know I don'tobey orders! Now fulfill my request and call my other ladies to come in anddress me for the ball!"	"But Mina," Miamoved and tried to embrace me, but I pushed her away.  	"You will keep your distance, Lady, and in my presence you will call mePrincess, now, leave me!" I screamed and turned my eyes away. I knew she wasupset with me as she headed out the door, but it didn't matter. I lay downand cried until my ladies came and dressed me.March 27th - Siem PalaceThe ball yesterday was the best experience of my life. When Malachite cameto escort me to the ball, I wasn't prepared for what I saw. He came up in asleek, black carriage; he was in the seat driving the two most beautifulblack stallions I've ever seen. They were so fast too! He looked like anangel in his gray uniform, and his hair whipping out behind him. He helpedme into the seat, and at first I was nervous. But from then until we got tothe estate an hour away, we talked and laughed like two old friends. I toldhim things that I have never even told Mia! His laughter was so soft andlike a melody. Then we danced together for every song. But the best part waswhen he asked me out into the rose garden. We walked onto the balcony, andwe just sat looking at each other for about fifteen minutes. Then he gentlypulled me on the tip of my toes, and kissed me. I was surprised, but happy.But when I opened my eyes and looked behind him, I saw Mia. She looked sadand defeated. And with a tear in her eye she walked away. I found out frommy father later that night when we were back at the palace that she was verysick. I guess I shall go to sleep tonight with a sore and guilty heart.April 13th - Katarina Parque, The Royal Venus CemeteryJust two days ago, Mia died. My best lady, Leena, came in and told me. Theworst part is, they don't know what killed her. She wasn't running a feveror anything. But I know what killed her. A broken heart killed her. If onlyI didn't love Malachite, if only she didn't see me kiss him, and the purepleasure I got from his strong arms around me, if only I hadn't smarted offto her. If only, if only. Those are the only statements one can make afteranother loved one is dead. If only I could do this, or do that. But none ofthose things will bring my dear, beloved Miania Poredrana Comastra back.Nothing will. She's gone into the spirit world, watching over me. We buriedher in a jeweled coffin; we sewed emeralds into the orange linen, sincethose were her favorite jewels. Usually we don't give such grand coffins toservants. But this one I paid for myself, and Mia was a great friend to allof us. I just want to go back in time, and try to help her come back, but Iknow I can't, and that's a killer. And to think, the last words I said toher were, 'leave me!'April 14th - Siem PalaceI am heartbroken, but I will tell you the good news first. My time ofmourning is over! I can finally accept that Mia is gone, but the great andgood goddess takes care of her, and she's in a better place. I still findmyself talking to her sometimes in my loneliness. My new maid, Gwyna, is abeautiful little girl, with layered, thick, coppery red hair. And she hasthe biggest and most beautiful green eyes in the land. She's 10 years old,but already has a very nice figure, though she still talks like a 10 yearold, and is missing her two front teeth. I taught her how to waltz and everyday we grow closer. She had a pet rabbit, but Moreesa got out one night, andlet's just say she had a late night snack. When I told Gwyna this the nextmorning, she surprised me by saying, "Oh that's ok MiMi, and I never likedthe bunny anyway." MiMi, that's what she calls me, and I don't upbraid herfor it, like most people would. I could never scold her. She's too cute.	Now for the bad news. Malachite came today. He gave me a small pen. Itwas made of topaz and it had an orange ball at the end, with the symbol ofVenus on it. I asked him what it was for, and when I did, he got a far awaylook in his eyes, "My dear Princess, one day you will need this more thanyou think. Just keep it with you, it will be your lifeline in the future."All this startled me. And when I put my hand on his arm, he gently pulledaway. His expression changed to sad faster than I've ever seen. "Princess,I'm leaving Venus."	"What, Malachite, no, why? Please don't go."	"Mina, I must leave, I can't stay here with you. I'll come back on yourbirthday next year. When you'll be a fine lady." I saw him blink back tears.I felt like I would cry if he ever left me. But somehow, his strength gaveme strength. I knew that one day the endless tears would come, but not now.He drew me into one of his hypnotizing kisses. And this time I could feelhis tongue in my mouth. We let go of each other and we stood there embracingand watching the stars for an hour, then he gave me a dark forest rose,said goodbye, and left. I watched him walk down the hall and into myfather's office, just like I did that first night. And when the doorslammed shut, my world came falling down. I lost control; I locked myselfin the bathroom and made the bath water as hot as it could go. I jumped inwith my clothes still on. I wanted to kill myself. Go up with Mia, withouttroubles, and without worries. But I knew that he would keep his promise tome. I knew that even if he were dying, he would come back to me on my 15thbirthday. When I was a fine lady. And then I became angry. I thought Iwas a lady already. So why was he leaving me? Didn't he love me? But nowI understood the term. I got an appreciation of age. I put my headunder the water and stayed under until I blacked out. And when I awoke,just an hour ago, I had a new perspective of life. Now I won't takefor granted each breath of clean air, every step in my jeweledslippers that I take. I made myself a calendar, counting the daysuntil my birthday in two years. And instead of wearing the low cutdresses and putting my hair up in grown up fashions, I let it down,tied the sides with a red bow, and wore a blue gown with long sleevesand lace up to my neck. I decided that I wanted to enjoy being a girlfor as long as I can.April 15th - Siem PalaceToday is the hottest day of the year so far. I've never been this hot. Iwas allowed to wear a short orange skirt made of silk and a bikini top madeof cloth. My mother disapproved of me going around the palace barefoot, butmy father stood up for me, as always. Father and I are the greatest offriends. He always helps me and cares for me. But I don't know what to sayabout my mother. Even though I should be thankful that she brought me intothis world, I can't really say that I love her. She's just like thatannoying friend who you just can't tolerate sometimes. And often times, heranger is like that of the God Jupiter. She's screamed at me more than once.Just yesterday when Gwyna was picking roses for mother, she accidentallypricked her finger and started crying. Mother went over to hush the child,but when Gwyna wouldn't stop, she took a rose and slapped it across thepoor, frightened child's face. She was about to go at her again when LordBritnoth came and took the rose from mother, just in time. Gwyna ran to mychambers and took hold of my skirt, and when she wouldn't let go, I had tosing her a lullaby so she would go to sleep. Then when she was sleeping Iput ice on her cheek to make the swelling go down. I also noticed she had athorn stuck in her cheek. Maybe when she wakes up I can stick a needle inher wound and get the thorn out, even though I know she will scream when Ido it.April 19 - Siem PalaceRaining today.I took the thorn out of Gwyna's cheek.Feel sickApril 23rd - Siem Palace - Hospital Halls Room 603I am sick.May 17th - Siem PalaceI am finally better. I came down with a terrible case of bronchitis. Ididn't even have enough strength to write. Gwyna's birthday was five daysago, she's eleven now. I feel terrible for not going to her small party, butI couldn't even go to the bath area by myself. The strangest thing ishappening. Mother is acting nicer to all of us, and even to Gwyna, whom shehates the most. She's even offered to help me with my corset in themornings, instead of my ladies-in-waiting. The queen is a beautiful woman,yes. But only on the outside. In the inside she is as black and evil as thegod of the underworld, Pluto. Princess Mars came to visit me a day or twoago, telling me any news throughout the five inner kingdoms. She said thatPrincess Jupiter has taken a fancy to the soldier Jedite. And I believed hertoo, Princess Jupiter is quite a beautiful woman, and I wish we were betterfriends. But we aren't really close at all. Mostly because we are both sodifferent, she loves to climb trees and wear pants, but I love dresses andtea parties. Maybe if I tried to be more like her, I would be a betterperson to be around. But oh well. It is getting dark, and my candle isrunning out, so I must go.May 21st - Siem PalaceI'm so excited! Tomorrow we leave for the grand Topaz Palace. It is thebest and most beautiful palace in all the land. Its floors are made withcrystal clear and firm diamonds; the walls are bordered with emeralds andsapphires. Everywhere you look there are gemstones. Oh I can't wait! But Imust decide what to pack in my trunk. Let's see. We're staying for twomonths. So I'll need 28 dresses, 5 ball gowns, 2 corsets, and other littleknick-knacks. I'll keep this diary hidden in my skirts along with my topazpen. I can't believe that when I think of Malachite, I don't cry. I amhappy. I will see him next year. But now I must call in my ladies to help medress, primp, pack, and bathe. Not exactly in that order though.May 25th - Topaz PalaceWe are here! YAY!!This is the best place in the whole of the 5 kingdoms!It has a huge swimming pool in the back courtyard with crystal clear water.Tonight is our welcome feast. We will eat all the delicacies around. Roastbird, turkey, fish, shrimp, eggs, and butter made in the shape of athree-leaf clover, are just a few of the main things. My very favorite partis a thing that my father and I share. We go out on top of the Serenity Hillin the backfield, only us two, and we watch the fireworks and toast to eachother with delicious Forest Wine. Forest wine comes all the way from NewJupiter; it is very expensive and very rare. I hear that Princess Leita ofNew Jupiter personally checks all the crates of wine that are exported intoVenus, Mars, and the Moon. These three planets are the only ones who canafford it. My mother has hardly eaten anything, yet is getting quite obeseand a lot nicer as I have mentioned, though Gwyna will still not come within2 feet of her. I think I know what has happened. I think my mother ispregnant! Why she chooses to tell no one, I am not sure. But it is certainlythe hot topic in my sewing circle.May 26th - Topaz PalaceA surprising guest came earlier today. It was the stunning Princess Leitaof New Jupiter. She came in wearing the most revealing green afternoon gownI have ever seen. I felt small and ugly sitting next to her in my dark goldchild's gown, with no jewels or low cuts or anything. Whenever she lookedtowards me I cast my eyes down. When she came her lover, General Jedite,escorted her in. He was tall, with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Forsome reason, I knew he was hiding something, that he new something terribleand was part of it, and took glory in the fact that he knew and othersdidn't. Well, listen to me; I'm quite the writer today! When I was in mysewing circle yesterday teaching Gwyna how to do the intricate writing intapestries, I caught a horrible bit of gossip. Apparently my mother wastrying to send me off to be married to Lord Britnoth. He is a filthy outerlord, with black hair and evil eyes, with strong hands that could bruiseanyone. Plus, he had seen 45 summers! I am but 14! He owns a rather largeestate on Pluto, and is highly honored there. He dines with the royals therealmost every night. When I went with my complaint to daddy, he said he knewnothing of this, and that the High Queen (as she calls herself now, and isruling the kingdom with her own wishes) must have demanded it! Worse, healso said he could not stop the Queen. But I have formed myself a plan. If,let's say, The High Imperial Stuck-Up Queen of Venus has a sudden death, Iwill become Queen to the throne, next to my father. I plan to put poison inher cup at the Ball of the Goddess. I pray to the Goddess that she willforgive me for doing this, but I must rid my planet of people like her.June 3rd - Topaz Hospital Halls Room R35I am sick with poison. I have just now had enough strength to write. Myplan backfired. I gave a tiny pinch of rat poison to a cook, who then toldmy mother. My mother told the cook to put the poison in my cup, I guess. Icame close to death, but it is a good thing I am almost immune to poison.All royal families start to drink a small amount of poison each month, tobuild up immunity, doubling the dose every time. I used to think that thiswas a stupid thing, but now I am grateful. I still fear for my life though.For the past three days mother has been coming to my room, telling the nursethat if I don't get better in a week, to cut off my oxygen. I know she wantsme dead, and I almost wish that I did marry Lord Britnoth. But I still planto get revenge on the Black Queen. Daddy knows nothing of the poison yet. Iam thankful.June 6th - Topaz PalaceI am finally well again. Gwyna came to me in the hospital room and gave methe most delicious chocolates. I love her, she is so very kind. A bit ofgossip has come into the palace walls. Princess Leita has left Jedite, andis now with another commander named Nephrite. I hear he is quite handsome. Ihave not seen my mother's face in many days; when she passes by, myattention goes straight to her large belly.June 9th - Topaz PalaceMother has succeeded in her plans. I will be married to Lord Britnoth nextyear if all of her plans go well. Now she doesn't even look upon my face. Iwish Malachite were here. I had a dream of him the night after mother toldme of my marriage. I dreamed I was sitting in my chamber at Lord Britnoth'sestate, and Malachite came in and told me that he was going to take me away.So he put me on his large black horse and we rode away. I wish that wouldhappen. I would give away my crown just to see him again. Even the grandeurof the palace can't save me from this depression. I haven't spoken a word toanyone in over 4 days. The doctors of the palace say that I have chosen tobe mute. And now I am finally going to make an oath to myself. I will neverspeak again until Malachite comes back for me.September 29th - Siem PalaceIt has been ages since I wrote! I am ever so sorry. I have been put intoeven more misery and depression since I last wrote. Mother is dead. She hada miscarriage. I can't say that I am sad about Mother's passing. But I didgo and light cinnamon incense over her corpse. Her face still looked evileven in death. I know she will go to Hades. Even though she died, I am stillgoing to be married to Lord Britnoth next month, on my birthday.October 2nd - The Coshinka Royal TrainI am in a deep state of misery. I am going to Pluto to be married to LordBritnoth, my life is over, my father is ill, and I am not queen. Even thoughmother died, and now I should be the queen, I am not. The Lord Britnothdemanded that I not become queen. Gwyna sits next to me and does herneedlepoint. I fear for her. Her face grows paler every day, and now herfiery eyes are sunken and the color of dull lapis lazuli. I also know shefears for me. Somehow she can sense my pain. Last night I dreamt that I wasswimming in the beautiful Scorpio Lake, with Gwyna and Malachite. But thenthe water turns to blood, and I could hear laughing. I looked to my rightand saw a tall, slender woman. She had dark red hair, and eyes like mymother's. She looked exactly like one of my mother's best friends, LadyBeryl. Then she called Malachite towards her, and he went. After he was outof the water, and was back into his Soldier outfit, he sent a ball oflightning into the water, and it killed Gwyna and I. It was a very troublingdream, and it took all day to get over it.October 10 - The Rose EstateI will be married soon. Gwyna is better. Had the same dream.October 17th - The Rose EstateI am now Lady Minako Aino-Britnoth. Yes, a mere lady. I have been cheatedout of my crown! The evil Lord has taken me away from my beautiful and sunnyhome, and cast me in this dark Hades-like place. Why is this happening? Mypen started to glow yesterday; the one Malachite gave me. What does thismean?October 19th - The Rose EstateI am in terrible condition. I was sitting in the parlor of the estate,watching the sky and waiting to see if the stars even came out on this darkplanet, when Lord Britnoth came in. "Lady, if you do not speak soon, thenyou shall have to face the consequences." He said harshly, but I still didnot speak. When he saw that I was still watching the sky and not speaking,he became enraged. "Alright, my Queen, oh, so sorry, I mean my Lady." Thatwas such a blow to me I almost cried. He saw that he was breaking my shield,and he drew his sword. I still did not speak. "Maybe you won't talk, butwhen I'm through with you, you won't get enough screaming." So then he tookhis sword to me, cut my face, my legs, my arms. Yet I didn't break my oath,I think that I was so far in my depression that even pain could not reachme. I think I like pain; it is so much easier than everything else.October 23rd - The Rose EstateThe thing I feared most has finally happened. I am with child. My coursescame late, and when they didn't come at all, I fainted. Now, ever since Itold the Lord, he smirks whenever he looks at me. But he shall not fillanother life with his evil. I am a great friend with one of the midwives,her name is Salana, and she will give me herbs to kill the child. She saidit would be painful and that I will be ill for many days, but I care not. Ihope the child does forgive me.October 29th - The Rose EstateMy name is Gwyna. Missy Mimi's baby is dead. She is ill. She asked me towrite this in here, I don't know why.January 14 - Siem PalaceI am strong enough to walk around. And the Queen of Pluto has demanded thatI return to my homeland for a while. I dearly love the Queen, she is like amother that I never had. I feel that something strange is going to happen.Queen Pluto has demanded that a meeting be called between the princesses ofthe 5 inner kingdoms. Even though I am no longer a princess, she has askedme to be there. I fear what she has to tell us.January 15th - Siem PalaceMy hands are so shaky I can barely write. I am Sailor Venus. I am aprotector of the planet Venus, and must soon fight in a great battle betweenthe inner kingdoms and the Nether Realm. Apparently I have powers over loveand beauty, as does the Goddess Venus. The princesses of Mercury, Mars,Jupiter, and the moon are all also Sailors. Queen Pluto, I now know, is avery powerful Seer. She can see into the future. She says the battle willtake place in 2 months. We have all been training so hard. The pen Malachitegave me, it is my symbol of power, and did he know about all of this? Is mydream a premonition?January 26th - Siem PalaceWe have been training very hard. I have a confidence now, which I never hadbefore. I have begun to talk again. Now that I am with the other Sailors, Ifeel I am complete. I am in a Utopia of Peace once again.February 18th - Siem PalaceMalachite came to me yesterday.He looked so different. He had been hardened and scarred by war. Thoughunder all the dust and dirt, he was still so devilishly handsome. He came tome from the balcony where I was sitting and playing my lyre. I stood up whenhe came to me, and we looked at each other for a long time. I looked intohis eyes for comfort, but they were not the usual handsome and carefree eyesthat I had seen so long ago, they were dark and icy black. He told me that Imustn't fight, and that if I did, he would be my opponent. I asked him why."Because Princess, I have not been as honorable as I would like to say. Ihave sold my soul to Beryl. Stay away from the battle Mina, because you willnot win." I felt so hurt. My eyes clouded up, but even behind the cloud Icould tell that he was hurting too. He bent down to kiss me, and when hedid, by some mind trick or else, I saw his whole life before me, his painand his joy. And even though I consider myself quite plain, through hiseyes, I was beautiful.February 28th- Siem PalaceThe last night in my warm bed. Tomorrow the battle begins. There will be afeast tonight in the main hall, celebrating our bravery. With us will be64,000-armed men. I gave all of my servants one of my little knick-knacks,and to Gwyna, I gave her my crown. Yes, I am restored as Queen. But if I diein this battle, I want the Lady Gwyna to be Queen. She will make a fineQueen. As for this journal, I will miss you. I will give you to Gwyna, forshe is dependable and will not let anyone see it. Salana came in today andask me what I think will happen. As I hear the birds singing and thebeautiful flowers spreading their warm scent, all I know is that I will diefor my planet. And if I do die, this journal shall be my legacy. Even thoughmy opponent is Malachite, I will always love him, and even though I ammature and a lady, I will always be a child inside.Love Always and Forever,The High Queen of Venus, Sailor Venus, Lady TopazMinako AinoEpilogue ----On March 1st, the brave Sailors and the men they commanded went out to meetthe oncoming army. With Sailor Moon as the leader, their hopes where high.At noon, the battle had begun. All of them fought valiantly against the HellDemons. Each Sailor using her powers to save the lands of Venus, and theirown homes. The fighting lasted for 2 weeks with the victory seeming to go tothe Sailors, but just when victory was almost theirs, they were crushed by asurprise attack. The Queen Beryl and all of her Generals - Malachiteincluded - appeared behind them. Sailor Venus and General Malachite foughteach other bravely enough, but inside they were both slowly dieing. Venusshot an arrow into Malachite, and Malachite threw his sword into her heart.Many say that they died in each other's arms. And shortly after they died,Queen Serenity gave them all another life. And they were all sent to earth.The planetary kingdoms where destroyed. But they all lived normal loves onearth as we see them today.On Princess Venus ---Princess Venus was born a lovely child with blonde hair and bright blueeyes. She was raised as any other child, with the exception that she was aprincess. When she turned 9 her mother suddenly hated her for her beauty andwisdom. But she was still happy, and when she was 14 she met the LordMalachite. After a while, he left and she plunged into a state of depressionthat doctors tried to pull her out of. After being with sick with poison,her mother died. She was married on her 15th birthday, and from then onnever spoke a word. She became pregnant, but apparently had a miscarriage.She was called back to the Planet Venus to start her training as a SailorScout. Her lover, the Lord Malachite, felled her in battle.On Malachite ---Malachite was born by a whore, and had no apparent father. His motherraised enough money to send him to politics school, and upon graduation hewent to a military barracks. After only 2 short years, he was a polishedwarrior. He went to council with the king to ask for a title. He was given ahigh name and a large amount of land. He fell in love with the princess, butleft and sold his soul to the Dark Queen Beryl. He was killed by SailorVenus (Princess Mina) in the Planetary War.On Queen Jezma ---Queen Jezma, the mother of Princess Minako, was born into a very importantfamily. Born Duchess Jezma Galexia , she grew up an unhappy child. Peoplethat searched her old, ruined castle, found some of her dolls with boltsnailed into the head and fake blood running everywhere. She was married toher cousin Lord James Venus III. She had three children, only one thatactually lived. Her first child was Jezabel, who died at age 3 of Malaria.The second was Princess Venus, who died in the Planetary War. The third one,which was to be named Alfred, died during birth, also killing the Queen.On King James ---James lived a happy life. Married his cousin, and had three children, asdescribed above. He was a constant worrier, and was only happy when hisdaughter, the Princess Minako, would read to him under her cherry tree. He diedof heart attack when he heard that his beloved daughter had died in thePlanetary War.On Miss Gwyna Schweppe ---Miss Gwyna was born in a small village on Mars. Her parents moved to Venusto live with the Queen as maids and friends. Her mother was beheaded afterfound stealing one of the Kings jewels. Her father died of old age, and shewas taken in by Princess Venus and taught the ways of a maid. BeforePrincess Venus went away to war, she gave Gwyna the Imperial Crown, thatwould make her queen if Mina should perish. Gwyna was killed when thekingdoms were destroyed. Even in death, she still held fast to the diary ofPrincess Venus.Author's Note ---This is just a diary that I did for fun, portraying the way I see Minako.All these characters I made up myself except for the princesses and thegenerals. Any resemblance to real-life persons is not my fault. Sailor Moonis copyrighted to Naoko Takeuchi @ Bandai. Please send any feedback tosailoraquila@hotmail.comAbout the Author ---Sailor Aquila (Or Kitana Kajin) lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She writesfan stories for hobbies, and is currently permanently between boyfriends.She has written over a dozen fan fics, none of which she has posted on anysites. She has 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a squirrel named Chip. She is currentlylooking for any writers to help her write a diary to Princess Jupiter. Ifyou think you can make it to her standards, email her.About the Author written by: Sailor Draco			Back to Stories