Setsuna's LoveBy Sailor Vegeta ( bright and sunny day, Setsuna decided to talk a walk through the park.She had nothing much to do, and the flowers were in full bloom, which wasvery delightful. Happy people with their friends played and chattedtogether, and lovers laughed together. This made Setsuna feel a great dealof loneliness.Setsuna stopped to look at all the different kinds of flowers and theirdifferent colors to keep her mind off her woefulness. As Setsuna bent overto smell a bright yellow tulip, someone bumped into her, knocking her over."Oh dear, excuse me but--"Setsuna began."I'm so sorry for running into you like that! Are you alright?" The personwho had just spoken was a tall, dark brown haired man with green eyes andtanned skin, like her own.Almost forgetting to speak, Setsuna replied,"Yes I'm fine. Why are you insuch a hurry?""Well, I was going to catch the bus to see a friend of mine, but I guessI'll have to wait until tomorrow.""I'm so sorry I made you miss the bus!""Oh don't be sorry, I can always go tomorrow. I'll call my friend andexplained what happened, and you donn't need to worry. My name's YoshoTsujimuro, what's yours?""My name is Setsuna Meiouh."To Setsuna's surprise, the two of them began talking to each other like oldfriends. After a while, Yosho dropped the subject."I was wondering, Setsuna, if you might want to join me for dinner tonight.It's OK if you say no, I'll understand.""No, I think Id' like to. So I'll see you then?""Yeah, it's just the restaurant a down the street, you sure you won't haveany trouble getting there? It'll be at seven.""I'll be fine, and seven id a good time. Ja ne!"Setsuna waves good bye to Yosho. She glances at her watch."It's already five o'clock! We've been talking for hours!"As Setsuna walked home, she thought of everything that had just happened toher. She felt comfortable around Yosho, even though they had just met.Setsuna was looking forward to seeing Yosho again that night.Two hours later, Setsuna put on a dark red dress with a dark red choker,garnets dangling from the end of it.Setsuna walked to the restaurant, no longer feeling that large amount ofloneliness. Yosho was waiting at the front of the restaurant."You look beautiful tonight, Setsuna.""Domo Arigato. Dark red is my favorite color.""Shall we go in?""Let's go."The two walked in and sat down at a table. Tbey ordered their dinner and ateand talked for a long while. The it was time to go."Well, Setsuna, I had a really good evening tonight.""I did to. Thank you for the dinner.""My pleasure." said Yosho, giving her a wide smile.Setsuna noticed it had started to rain."I have an umbrella, don't worry." Said Yosho thoughtfully. He pulled it outof his jacket. Setsuna laughed."Shall I walk you home madam?" He said, trying to be silly. Setsuna laughedagain."Alright!"When they were half way to Setsuna's house, Yosho stopped in the middle ofthe sidewalk. He picked a blue flower from a flower bush beside him, thatwas growing through the gate of a house. he put the flower in Setsuna'shair. Setsuna looked up at him and smiled. They locked eyes. Setsunacouldn't move her eyes off Yosho's. There was just something about him thatmade her look. Yosho leaned closer to her, and they kissed.Speechless, they walked the rest of the way to Setsuna's house."Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow before I leave to see my friend. Buti'll come back in the evening.""Yes, I guess I'll see you then.Then the parted, and Setsuna walked into her house smiling broadly. Setsunanew she had found her love.The End