This story is about Sailor North Star and some intresting reasons for things on SM. So here it goes! Some of the incidents do not happen in the real episodes.

Serena's House

"Omigosh, Serena actually got up early today," said Serena's father. Serena had got up early and left for school at 7:47 today because the scouts wanted to have a meeting. "See you later hunny," said the dad as he kissed his wife good-bye. 'Maybe now she'll start studying for tests' he thought.

Cherry Hill Temple

"Hey Amy!" Serena yelled cheerfully.
"Serena.....are you feeling.........okay?" Amy stuttered.
"Oh I'm just fine," Serena yelled, "-just because I woke up early doesn't mean I've totally lost it!"
"False alarm!" Mina said. "Raye thought she saw a new scout in the sacred fire".
"A new scout?" screamed Serena. "What would she be scout of? There's nothing left."
"Calm down Serena," Mina said thoughtfully. "There could be planets out there that we don't know about." As soon as Serena started to calm down, Raye came in.
"Yeah Meatball Head," Raye said tauntingly, "There could be scouts we don't know about."
Then Serena got extremely mad. "Oh I oughta-" Serena started.
"Well I guess we should get to school," Amy said.
"Yep you're right." Serena agreed. "We're leaving," Serena and Amy said. "Bye!" They left to get on to school. On their way to school a female was watching them.

Amy and Serena were walking to school when a 19 year old walked into them, making Serena drop all her books. "Hey watch where you're going!" Serena shouted angrily at the young woman.
"Oh, I'm sorry," the lady said, "I need to start watching where I'm going." And with that the lady went back off the sidewalk.

That day Serena had a regular day of school. She forgot her homework, fell asleep during class, and gave a dozen wrong answers."Um... denominator?" Serena guessed.
"No, Serena you only have two answers to chose from! If you studied you would have beyond a doubt have been able to know the answer is numerator!"

Serena sighed as she reminded herself that this was the last class of the day. While Serena was walking home feeling pretty bad about the school day she saw this hideous monster trying to take a poor girl's pure heart crystal. She called on her communicater to tell the scouts about their new enemy. 'Well, at least I don't have to be Serena all the time.'... "MOON CRISIS POWER!!" After she finished transforming she ran towards the monster. "Okay, I ran out of lousy speeches so let's just get on with the fight!" Before Super Sailor Moon could do anything, the monster blew a bubble and the bubble fastened tightly around Super Sailor Moon's waist.

On the street

"We have to get there fast!" shouted Darien. Darien wondered where Serena was. He didn't have to wonder long because he saw her high above the buildings unconscious in mid-air in a bubble.
"So I see this scout has a few friends," the monster said, "at least you'll be together soon!" The monster blew four bubbles toward the scouts. The bubbles got Amy and Mina while they were calculating the monster's weakness.
"No......" screamed Lita. Suddenly, all the outer scouts attacks were hurled towards the monster. All the scouts thought she was a goner when bubbles sprang from the ground, capturing all the scouts and Tuxedo Mask.
"Did you really think a couple of weak shots would be able to defeat me!"
The monster started hysterically laughing when out of no where came "North Star Midnight Bloom!!"

From out of nowhere two dark blue stars stuck right on to the monster and sprawled her out. "Engulf!!" Then the stars turned into blue flames and finished the monster off.
"Who is she?" They all said in unison.
"I am Sailor North Star, guardian of the universe." Then she pointed her baton towards Super Sailor Moon's bubble and it exploded and Super Sailor Moon landed in her arms. She whispered in her ear, "So we have become a Super hero, eh?" Then she blasted the scouts bubbles and they all landed safely.
"Thank you," the scouts said.
"I didn't just come here to save you," she said, "I came to finish a mission and tell you all about your past." With that, she walked over to Tuxedo Mask and put Super Sailor Moon in his arms and said, "I will tell you all about me in our next battle." She then kissed Tuxedo Mask on the lips and said to the others, "I will tell you everything next time we meet." She turned to Tuxedo Mask and said, "I love her and always will, no matter what." A tear spilled down her cheek as a swirl of blue stars circled around her as she disapeared.

At Darien's Apartment

"I feel like I know her," Darien told the girls. "She just seems so familiar." He turned to Serena and asked, "Do you feel like you know her?" Serena didn't look at him. She just sat there and kept repeating in her mind 'So we have become a Super hero,eh?'
Still staring out into space she answered, "I feel like she is the closest person I have ever known." The scouts looked at her in awe at the sudden change in attitude.
"I haven't found a trace of any info on Sailor North Star from Central," Luna said as she walked in.
"Well whoever she is she must be good with computers if she deleted all the files on herself," Amy replied, referring to her visor.
"Well, whoever she is she is a friend." said Mina.
"She is much more mature than us," Sailor Pluto replied. "She understands more about the balance of time than I." They thought about this for a minute.
"What do you mean by balance of time?" Serena asked intrigued.
"She means, when to interfere with time and when not to," finished Amara.
"We need to leave now in case the monsters strike again." Lita reminded them.
"Yeah, she's right," Raye agreed.
"Bye!" One by one the scouts left until Serena was still there,staring into space.

In a dark room

"How can I tell them," said a lady, "how can I tell her any of the evil past." She cried. "Oh Queen Serenity, give me the strentgh I need." She stared silently at her North Star baton. "How can I tell her when she is so kind and innocent?" she asked, knowing she wouldn't get an answer. "No matter what happens I will always love her," she replied sadly, "no matter what." Then she disappeared.

At the lunch court

Serena stared at her sandwich as she thought about what Sailor North Star looked like. 'Well she had short brown hair, brown eyes, pretty tall, Midnight blue sailor suit, white bow, Midnight blue brooch, Midnight blue gloves with white ends, white skirt and a blue back bow.' But strangest of all she thought: 'Sailor North Star was wearing a North Star earring on one ear and a crescent moon earring on the other.' She was trying to figure out the signifigance when, "Earth to Serena, what's up- it's not like you to be not hungry," Molly said, pulling Serena out of her trance-like gaze.
"Oh, sorry Mol," Serena said, "I'm just not that hungry is all." She wished she could tell her everything that was going through her wondering mind.
"Come on Serena," Molly said finishing up. "We can't be late for another class." They both laughed as they went to one of their last classes.

At Raye's Shrine

Serena wasn't listening to what the rest of the scouts were saying, instead she did all of her homework. "And then I noticed-"
"Done," Serena said. The scouts stared at her in awe.
"No way," Raye said, "You can't be done now. You probably got a dozen answers wrong." Amy picked up Serena's paper and discovered that they were almost all right.
"Guys," Amy said, "We should all be nicer to Serena because she got 95% of them right." They all stared at Serena who was now sitting there quietly waiting for Amy to tell her which ones she missed.
"That can't be right," Raye yelled, "Serena is a ditz."
Amy picked up Raye's paper and said, "Well, I guess you're a ditz too since you got more wrong than Serena. Since Serena is done she can leave the study session." Serena stood up and walked off. Raye followed her.
"Serena," she started, her voice timid. "Why the sudden change in attitude and studying more?"
Serena thought about what she would say. "I want to learn about Sailor North Star and cope with having two lives," Serena answered. "The best way to do this was to act like the person I am within. Though you may not see it I am very mature on the inside. I've been trying to deal with the pressure I have had ever since I found out that I have lived one life and am trying to live with this one. The best way to do this was to pretend to be the usual light-headed girl." With that, she left to leave to think about Sailor North Star and her good and bad past. She didn't know however, that she also left behind Raye who had found a new respect for her mature friend.

On the Road

Serena was walking home thinking about what she had told Raye. She had spilled out all of the feelings that had been bottled up inside her. She opened the door to her house to find Rini waiting for her. "What? You're not supposed to be home till 4:00!" Rini stared at her for awhile. "Serena, you seem like you have changed." Serena walked up the steps to her room, pulled out her books and began to study. "Those aren't comic books, those are book-books!" Rini started to switch the books when Serena stopped her.
"Please Rini," she said as she took a study book from her, "I need to study for an exam tomorrow. You can play with anything in my room." She gave Rini a smile and went back to work. Rini stared at her for a while and then she went to play with Serena's puzzle toys.


3:00, 30 minutes later

"BEEP,BEEP,BEEP," Serena's scout communicater started to go off. "Hurry Rini, we have to get down to the park," she said, "there's a monster there!" Serena yelled.
"Where should we transform," Rini asked.
"I don't know but it had better be somewhere close by," Serena said, worried. "I don't know but they sounded like they were in big trouble." Serena and Rini ran towards where the signal was coming from.
Rini tripped and fell. "Ohhh....Serena stop!" Serena stopped running, picked Rini up tenderly, and inspected her scraped knee.
"It's okay Rini don't cry," Serena said motherly, "I know it hurts like heck but you'll be alright." Rini looked up into Serena's eyes as Serena carressed her damp cheek. "Are you ready to kick some bad guy butt?" Serena asked.
"YEAH!" Rini yelled into Serena's ear. Either Serena ignored it or it was not nearly as loud as the Scouts' screams.
"Oh no, Rini," Serena gasped, "We're too late." I guess that was the cue for them to transform because that's what they did. "MOON CRISIS POWER!" Serena yelled at the top of her lungs.
"MOON PRISM POWER!!!" Rini yelled even louder. They finished in their usual pose.
"Now Rini," Serena said seriously, "We have to find the monster's weakness and some way to save the scouts." Rini thought for a while and then she remembered Luna-P.
"Luna-P can help us," Rini said, "I can ask her to download some info on the monster."
Serena thought. "Tell Luna-P to download it fast!" So Rini went to work while Serena watched in horror as Sailor Uranus was being tossed about like a rag doll.
"I got it," Rini exclaimed, "All we have to do is planet attack." Serena thought. "Well, we need to recharge their energy from the planets. Okay, I have it!" Serena said, "All I need to do is hold my Spiral Heart Moon Rod to the sky and command that my friends use their powers to save this universe. And since we are the rulers of the future it might help to throw in some of that info." Super Sailor Moon raised her Spiral Heart Moon Rod and said, "Planets of Earth, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon, and the Future Moon please help us by recharging the powers of the scouts that need it." Then, out of the sky came a black, blue, red, green, orange, purple, gold, green-blue, dark red, silver-white and light pink power which filled the scouts that needed the energy. The monster watched in awe as the powers filled the scouts.
"Yay! Hooray!" shouted Sailor Chibi Moon.
"Oh you think it's great don't you, well take this," the monster yelled triumphantly.
Sailor Chibi Moon was frozen with fear when Super Sailor Moon screamed, "Nooooooooo!!!" as she pushed Sailor Chibi Moon out of the line of fire. Instead of the vine capturing Sailor Chibi Moon, it captured Super Sailor Moon.
"Oh no Sailor Moon!!!!," yelled Sailor Chibi Moon, "I won't let you die!" She tried to grab for Super Sailor Moon but Sailor Moon stopped her.
"You have alot to do little one, and I can't let you die for me." Then the monster reeled her in and rendered her unconscious by shocking her with a lightning bolt.
"Now to give you the final blo-"
"Hold it right there!" shouted someone when the monster's fist was in mid-air. Everyone looked up to see stars drifting down to the ground. Then they saw Sailor North Star. "Sailor Chibi Moon, come here," said Sailor North Star, "Please, it's the only way to save your mother." She pointed her baton at Sailor Chibi Moon. Out of the baton came a pink bubble which floated and picked up Rini so that she was safe inside. The bubble floated up to where Sailor North Star was standing and burst when it reached the ground. "Stay here Rini," Sailor North Star whispered. She turned to the monster and said, "Okay put my sister down!" Everyone stared at her in awe. "Back away scouts or we'll never set her free!" They all stepped back. "Now, on behalf of all the universe I am going to set you free dear sister." Sailor North Star looked at her staff and it turned into a North Star and Moon Baton. "My beloved sister, who I spent much of my time on the Moon with, I know you don't remember me but please remember this."


"We were outside one warm sunny day, picking flowers because mother needed them for the ball. We were happily doing so when Luna, as a young kitten, jumped all over them, smushing the beautiful petals. We cried and said we would never get enough when one of our tears landed on each of the flowers, bringing back their beautiful appearance. We were so happy we ran all the way back with our flowers and had a wonderful evening at the ball."

< End Flashback>

"So you see Sailor Moon, you are like those flowers. You died leaving behind saddened people weeping for your return. I won't let those people down again, I can promise you that." She took her Moon and North Star earrings off and threw them up into the air. They became a bubble and surrounded Sailor Moon. She went into the bubble, leaving the monster clueless and empty-handed.
"Noooooooooo!" cried the monster as it tried to poke a hole through the bubble. The bubble didn't pop but kept on floating towards Sailor North Star. When the bubble reached Sailor North Star it popped and became the two earrings again. Sailor Moon stood up and moved behind Sailor North Star as if she knew what she was about to do.
"North Star Storm Blast!" screamed Sailor North Star. Stars came raining down from the sky, pouring only on the spot where the monster was.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"the monster said as it exploded.They all stood in silence as Sailor North Star looked at each one of them.
"I guess now is the right time to tell you," she sighed, "Alright, here it goes. I'll start right from the begining. A long time ago, Princess Serenity and Princess Alise lived in the Moon Kingdom. I, Princess Alise fell in love with a man named Prince Darien of Earth." They all looked at Darien who looked dumbfounded. "But I would have remembered you." She looked at him.
"I will get to that part soon." She continued. "One day after playing with my wonderful little sister, I went up to our father's room to talk to him."
Mina interupted."Your father? We never knew Serenity had a father! We thought it was just Queen Serenity!"
Sailor North Star said, "I'll get to that part soon too. Anyway I found my father plotting to steal the throne from Queen Serenity so he could be sole ruler. Everyone told me not to tell Queen Serenity because if I did, I would be killed by one of my father's men and I would never be queen. But I did anyway and so the queen was safe." She looked at everyone gravely. "The night before he was banished and killed, he took me and erased everyone's memories of himself and me for he was that powerful. Then he sent me into a bubble towards the planet North Star where I was hailed princess and so I became the Sailor Scout of the planet of North Star."
Suddenly Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune bowed to Sailor North Star. "You were meant to be queen, not Serena."
Sailor North Star smiled at them. "You can ask Sailor Pluto. She'll tell you that I'm too much a fighter to be queen." She looked at Serena. "She's just right." There was an almost deafeaning silence between them all until, "And anyway, I'm already head of the Sailor Scouts elsewhere." Sailor North Star finished.
"So what happened to you after that?" asked Amy. "Well after that the planet North Star was attacked and just before it exploded, we(the royal family) saved everyone from the explosion by shielding them. You might be wondering about the relationship between the North Star and the planet North Star, right?" she asked.
"Yes we are," they said.
"Well," Sailor North Star began, "When the planet North Star exploded one of the pieces of the planet collided with the ancient Crystal Star of the North, which the royal family guarded with their lives."
Everyone gasped. "You mean the crystal that you guarded so well was shattered?" Lita asked.
"No, the two became one and is now known as the North Star. The Crystal Star of the North had the souls of all the rulers of North Star before and that is how it helps people find their homes."
"Wow that's incredible I-" BEEP BEEP BEEP. "What's that?" Serena asked.
"That's my Scout Communicater and it says........................."
"What does it say Sailor North Star?" Sailor Pluto asked.
"It says our father is.................................."
"Is what Alise?" asked Serena.
"Is Alive."

To Be Continued

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