Usagi and Mamoru
Once there lived a princess named Usagi. She had a love named Mamoru. Even so, Mamoru did not know she loved him. Mamoru came from the earth, and Usagi came from the moon. Usagi a princess, Mamoru a prince. One day, Queen Barrel and Queen Metallia wanted to take over the moon. Princess Usagi was given the power to fight evil, on earth. Usagi was heartbroken that she had to leave, but her mother promised her she could come back soon. Usagi was depressed that she might never tell Mamoru she loved him, but she must not give up hope, she thought.When Usagi got to earth, she saw Mamoru. So she walked over and asked how he was."Oh, hello, Princess. I had no idea your mother sent you here. It's a good thing she did. We'll need you here."[thinking] *You'll need me, alright. I'll need you more.*Then Mamoru said," I have to go." Than Mamoru left with a girl. When Usagi got a closer look and saw that the girl was Rei, the princess of Mars. Had she been sent here too? Jealousy swarmed over Usagi as she stormed off.Usagi found a place where all the princesses, her friends, were living. They invited her into the apartment they were standing in. "Hello Usagi. You were sent here too?""Yes." said Usagi with gritted teeth, still angry at Rei.Ami, princess of mercury, Said," Why are you so angry at Rei. Ami could always tell when Usagi was angry with Rei."No reason." Usagi said, trying to calm herself down by sitting down in a chair. "I'm just homesick." Usagi lied. Ami said," Is it because Mamoru likes Rei? "What? Are you kidding? No!" Usagi lied again. "I don't know Usagi, maybe you should get some rest. It's late. Don't blow your temper now.So, Usagi went to bed only to find sun streaming through the window of her room when she woke up.Usagi got dressed and took a walk."Surely he doesn't love her. It's like Ami said. He just likes her. That can't be to bad...."Suddenly a starnge looking monster jumped off the top of a building and Usagi knew what to do. Usagi transformed: "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"When She was done all of the Sailor Senshis were fighting the monster. Sailor Mars(Rei)said, " what took you so long to change?""I was just thinking, that's all.""Well don't think so much when you know something's going to attack you in seconds! Now finish off the monster!""Alright: "Moon Tiara Action!"The monster crumbles and fades. Another monster appears and snatches Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Kamen swings from a building, but is hit by the monster's free arm.Both of them lay on the ground. They roll over by the rumble of the monster, and Sailor Moon lands on Tuxedo Kamen's chest."I have to tell you now! I love you Mamo-chan!"" I- I love you too!"The embrace each other thrown on the ground and kiss.The other Sailor Senshis destroy the monster."Be mine, Mamo-chan.""I will, Usa. Forever."They kiss once more, and keep there promise through out the times they spend together.The EndBy Sailor Vegeta/Chibi Babe {} and Neo Sailor Neptune {}