Usagi: Mamo-chan do you love me?
Mamo: ummmmm.....Usagi I don't really know if ...........(mumble)......... not really... sorry.....
Usagi: Mamo-chan you love me whether you like it or not get it!!!! You will do as I say!
Mamo: yes ma'm

[Ami walks in]
Ami: Mamo-chan you look ill are you ok?
Usagi: He's fine now leave us alone ... freak ... I .. always HATED YOU
Ami: Well then, wanna make something out of it? MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER!
Usagi: Yeah Ami! Moon ETERNAL POWER!!!!!!
Moon: He he, she's as good as dead- SILVER MOO.... My god Mamo-chan get your slimy hands off of me NOW!!!!!! DON'T YOU SEE THAT I'M TRYING TO KILL SOMEBODY HERE!!!!!!!

[Uranus &Neptune walk in the double doors]
Neptune: I hate the thought of sacrificing these innocent people .. WHAT THE HECK, FORGET ABOUT THE INNOCENT PEOPLE I'M GOING TO VEGAS!!! HA HA URANUS TAKE THAT!!!
Uranus: Neptune, I'll go with you!!!
Neptune: Tooo bad I've gone straight! I like ... hmmm. I guess... I like ... Mamo-chan!
Mamo: Really? I liked you too Neptune, well, after that one day.....only this freak of a moon child wouldn't let me go.
Moon: You mean all those days spent as moonlight knight were actually spent with her! You had a affair with Neptune didn't you!
Mamo: No of course not, we just.. eloped in Kentucky...oops I wasn't supposed to say that .. he he...
Moon: Mamo-chan!!!!!!!!!!!
Moon: Ahhhhhhhhhhh....
Mercury: It was the last series of sailormoon- we had to get rid of her somehow. She may have started another series.. I mean, come on, aren't you guys just a little tired of all the boring fighting where Sailor- now dead Moon- got all the fame & glory?
Neptune: Mercury's right, I really should quit & go to Vegas!

Neptune: Bye minna! Thanks for your idea, Mercury!
Uranus: Nooo! Oh well, at least I can be a racer now, woo hoo yeah!

....So in the end, all ends well for all 9 scouts.