The Sugar Scouts

Chapter 1

One day, in a galaxy far, far away, three girls were walking home from school.
"Hey, guys, did you get that math assignment?" asked the one wearing a red shirt with black sleeves and pants, with shoulder length brown hair.
"No way." replied another, wearing an oversized yellow shirt and jeans, with bright purple hair up in a ponytail.
"I did!" exclaimed the last, wearing a pink shirt with the word "Angel" on the front and jeans, with shoulder length black hair.
"Of course you did, Aimee", replied the brown haired girl.
"Yeah, you're a child genius", remarked the purple haired girl.
"Oh, come, Jessica", Aimee said to the purple haired girl. "You could get it, too, if you studied. You too, Sarah."
"Me? Study??? I don't think so!" Sarah replied, a sweat drop appearing on her forehead.
As the girls continued to chat, they didn't realize three cats sitting up on a windowsill were watching them.
"Are you sure those girls are the ones?" asked the blue cat to the pink one.
"Yes, I'm positive, Mint", the pink cat replied. "Winter Green checked."
"You checked twice, Winter Green?" Mint asked.
"Yeah, Fruitti was right. Hard to believe those girls are the ones who'll save the planet", replied Winter Green as they peered down at the girls, as they headed into The Candy Cafˇ, the girls' favorite hangout.
Meanwhile, a small group of villains were plotting their attack.
"We must rid this planet of all sweets and make the people of Wonka our slaves!" cried the leader. "Tomato Head, you will be the first to launch an attack!"
A man with a giant tomato as a head stepped forward.
"I won't fail you, Queen Veggie!" he exclaimed and teleported to his place of attack.

Chapter 2

Sarah and her friends Aimee and Jessica had just finished their homework and snack and were heading home.
Sarah yawned. "I'm soo ready for a nap. How bout... Hey!"
Someone bumped into Sarah.
"Why don't you watch where you're going?" she yelled to the person.
"Sorry", came the quiet reply. Sarah looked up. It was the cutest guy! He had dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Little hearts appeared in place of Sarah's eyes. What a hunk, she thought to herself.
"Um... I'm sorry, too. I should have been watching where I was going, too. My name's Sarah", she said, "and this is Aimee and Jessica."
"I'm James. Please to meet you chocolate head."
"Hey! My name's Sarah!"
"Sorry, but your head reminds me of chocolate", he said, smiling.
"Errrrrrrrrrrgh, you're such a jerk!" she exclaimed, storming off, with Aimee and Jessica at her heels.
James watched her as they walked off. That girl, he thought, it's like I know her.

Chapter 3

Tomato Head arrived at the Taffy Corner Shop. At last, he thought, time to launch my evil plan. People were beginning to stare at the man with the giant tomato head. He threw tomato bombs at them. Panic began to set in. If a person was hit by a tomato, they turned into tomato zombies, chanting, "Must destroy candy. Must destroy candy." Suddenly, Sarah and her friends turned the corner and saw the horrible scene. Sarah screamed.
"Oh my gosh, what happened to the people?" Aimee exclaimed.
"They've turned into tomato zombies!!" Jessica cried.
Suddenly, the three cats ran up to them and all three flipped forward, causing a pink and purple wand, a blue and purple wand, and a green and purple wand to appear.
"What the..." stammered Sarah.
"Girls, my name is Fruitti and you all are the Sugar Scouts. You are destined to defend and protect this world from the evil Queen Veggie. Now," Fruitti said turning to Sarah, "You are Sailor Lollipop, the leader."
"And you," Mint said to Aimee, "are Sailor Popsicle.
"You're Sailor Gummy Bear, Jessica", said Winter Green.
"Now quickly girls", said Fruitti, "hold up these wands and say Lollipop Candy Power, Popsicle Candy Power, and Gummy Bear Candy Power!
As they held up the sticks ribbons and sparkles flew out around them and music played. As Sarah transformed, lollipops, ribbons, and sparkles flew around her, forming a white body suit with a purple collar, and a pink bow with a lollipop in the center. She spun around lifting her arms up, to make white gloves with pink ends. As she spun some more, knee high purple boots formed on her feet. As she spun around again, a purple skirt and a pink bow formed around her. She came to a stop with her hand on her hip and the other making a peace sign.
As Aimee transformed, popsicles, ribbons and sparkles flew around her, forming a white body suit with a blue collar, and a purple bow with a popsicle in the center. She spun around lifting her arms up, to form white gloves with purple ends. As she spun around another time, blue high heels formed on her feet. Spinning once more, a blue skirt and a purple bow formed around her. She came to a stop with her hand up in the air and the other on her hip.
As Jessica transformed, gummy bears, ribbons, and sparkles flew around her, forming a white body suit with a green collar, and a purple bow with a gummy bear in the center. She spun around lifting her arms up, to form white gloves with green ends. As she spun around some more, short green boots formed on her feet. Spinning again, a green skirt and a purple bow formed. She came to a stop with her arms pointing out diagonally.
They stared at each other.
"Whoa! This is way cool!" exclaimed Sarah.
"Really!" exclaimed Jessica and Aimee in unison.
"Girls, the monster!" Fruitti yelled.
"Right!" they all said.
"HEY YOU!" Sarah shouted. Tomato Head stopped throwing tomato bombs.
"To protect the world from.... ", Sailor Popsicle said.
"Melted ice cream! And...", Sailor Lollipop exclaimed.
"Hungry children!" finished Sailor Gummy Bear.
"To defend the universe from...", Sailor Lollipop started.
"Full concession stands! And", Sailor Popsicle yelled.
"Uneaten ice cream sundaes!" finished Sailor Gummy Bear.
"BECAUSE WE'RE..." they all yelled.
"Sailor Lollipop! I may look sweet, but what you see is definitely not what you get!"
"Sailor Popsicle! If you lick me, you'll get a sugar high! Not to mention a kick in the butt!"
"Sailor Gummy Bear! You want trouble? Well, you're looking at it! I may be gummy, but I'm a bear! So look out!"
"WE'RE THE SUGAR SCOUTS!" they all yelled. "Cute. Real cute." Tomato Head replied. "Are these the people who are going to stop me? You've got to be kidding! Take this!" He hurled a tomato bomb at them, but a Hershey Bar stopped it!
"Hey! What was that!" exclaimed Tomato Head.
"How dare you try and deprive this world of things that are sweet! I won't let you! I am Tuxedo Hershey!"

They looked up at a streetlight, where a man was standing. He was wearing a brown tuxedo suit, a white mask, and a Hershey's Kiss hat.
"Who's this clown?" asked Tomato Head. "No matter. I'll destroy him too!"
"Sugar Scouts! Use your wands!", cried the three cats.
"Our wands?" they asked.
Suddenly, three wands dropped from the sky. One was a lollipop, another a popsicle, and the third was a gummy bear on a stick.
"All right! Way cool!" the girls exclaimed.
Popsicle waved her wand back and work, causing little icicles to form. She held her wand up and shouted "POPSICLE BLUEBERRY FREEZE!" and aimed it for Tomato Head, who was going after Tuxedo Hershey.
Tomato Head was frozen in place.
"My turn!" said Gummy Bear.
She twirled her wand high up in the air, with little gummy bear shaped sparkles appearing. She shouted "GUMMI BEAR FRUITTI CRASH!" and aimed it at the frozen Tomato Head.
Quickly, Lollipop began to spin around and twirl her lollipop wand. Holding up her wand, she shouted "LOLLIPOP KAWAII BLAST!!"
"AHHHHHHH!!" he screamed.
Tomato Head disintegrated into a pile of dust.
"Well, done, Sugar Scouts! You've proved teamwork is the best! Bye now!" Tuxedo Hershey said, as he disappeared.
Little hearts appeared again in Sarah's eyes.
"What a hunk!" she gushed. Popsicle and Gummy Bear rolled their eyes. The cats ran up.
"Very good, scouts! We're very proud of you! Queen Veggie should be shaking in her shoes at the sight of you!" Fruitti exclaimed.
"Thanks, Fruitti." Lollipop said, as she kneeled down to pick her up. Popsicle picked up Mint and Gummy Bear picked up Winter Green.
"You girls have a long and hard fight. But I'm sure you will succeed", remarked Mint as Winter Green and Fruitti nodded.
"As long as you work as a team, you'll defeat Veggie!" Winter Green told them.
Lollipop held out her hand.
"Scouts forever?" she asked. Gummy Bear and Popsicle put theirs over hers.
"Scouts forever" they said.

The End