One day Serena was walking down the street and she saw Lita, so she walked to her and asked if she would like to go to the arcade. "Sure, that always cheers me up," said Lita. When they got there Lita heard a crash at the park! Ahhhhhhhh, yelled Serena. "Serena!" yelled Lita " We got to transform," "Ok," said Serena. Moon eternal power make-up! Jupiter crystel power make-up! When they were done they ran to the park as fast as they could. By the time they got there they saw a monster that look liked a bird. "EEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Sailormoon screamed, Then the monster attacked her. "Sailor moon!" yelled Jupiter. "Jupiter thunder clap zap "!
The thunder hit the monster and fell back. "Thanks Sailor Jupiter," "Your welcome," she said. Then the other scouts came, "Sailormoon are you ok?" said sailor mercury.
"I'm fine". "Lets show this monster what we're made of," yelled sailor saturn. "Mercury aqua mirage! "Mars flame sniper! "Jupiter oak evalation! "Venus love and beauty shock! "Space sword blaster! "Submarine reflction! "Dead scream!" "Silence glavie suprise! "Starlight honey mon therapy kiss! When the monster was destroyed Serena said that they can all go out for ice cream. "Yeah!" they all shouted. The others were in Haruka's car. "Serena is getting stronger everyday," said Hotaru. "Yes she is," said Setusna. "We are all strong," said Mirichu."Yeah," said Haruka. They watched the sunsetat the oceanside, a very pretty sight.

The End.

By RKEYW 94027