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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*The Reasons 2*~*~*~*~*~*~*~By: Sailor North Star (Princess Alise)
A shadowed figure comes forth to greet the awaiting princess. Notknowing what to do the girl steps further away from the mysterious figure. " Leave me be!", the princess screams as the figure approaches. Thefigure seems alarmed to hear the princess raise her voice. The darkness startsto lift from the princess's vision as she takes another look at the figure. Hetakes off the hood of his cloak. His face. She knew his face. His hair. Hisfeatures. Those eyes she had looked into so many times. "Prince Alex?", she questioned. "I thought you cared....", his voiceseemed to drift away with her dream. "Prince Alex!!!!!!!", she screamed as she tried to run after him. "Wait!", she yelled. She stopped running. "I love you....",she said moreto herself than him. The dream lifted. She sat up from her bed. She wassweat soaked from her latest dream. More like a nightmare. No matter howfast she would run, she could never catch up to him. Panting she reachedover to her dresser to pick up her giver of hope. The picture of her only love. "Why do you question if I care about you? Your the only one who trulycares about me." she told the picture. Not caring if anyone heard her she cried to the world, "HE IS THEONLY ONE WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she cried with her wholeheart.Alise managed to get this out before her body wracked with sobs ofloneliness. ~At Raye's shrine~ "Where's this Alise anyway?, Raye asks, How can we know to trusther?" She looks at the other senshi for an answer. The scouts have had theirencounter with a youma when Sailor North Star showed up and got rid of themad scientist and Hotaru is now living with Amara and Michelle until herfather would get better. Trista, after seeing that Alise had everything undercontrol, left to take care of the passage of time once again. Afterall, SailorPluto now knew that Sailor North Star was the head of Sailor Scouts all overthe universe. The silence was broken by Serena. "Listen Raye, she's my sister and she saved us back there with thatyouma. Without her I would have been toast! Don't you think we ought tocut her some slack for being alittle late?" Serena asked. "Well look who's talking!" Raye said back to Serena. The rest of thescouts thought this last remark was going to start one of their famous tonguewars but they were suprised by Serena. "Sorry Raye but I don't feel like stooping to your level of immaturity."Serena said in a calm, cool voice. The scouts jaws dropped except for Darien,after her last comment. Of course Darien knew how mature Serena was.Before anyone could say anything, Alise finally arrived. "Sorry I'm late."she said. Serena saw her tear stains on her cheeks.Serena didn't want to say anything until she knew the importance of thismeeting. "So, why did you call us here, Alise?" Serena asked. Alise looked upat them all, trying to figure out how to say what was happening. "Okay, youknow now my-our father is still alive, right?" Alise asked. They all nodded. "I am the head of the Sailor Scouts in the Universe.We have been looking for this man for centuries. He has eluded us until now.I came here to finish up your fights for awhile so that the scouts of this solarsystem can help me destroy our father." Alise finished. She looked down at her feet. "I have something also to tell youDarien." she looked at him. Serena eyed her suspiciously. "You had a bigbrother in the Silver Millennium. His name was Alex. I met him while I wastraining at Guardian School. He has been a very close friend to me throughall my troubles." Alise explained. She looked at every scout. "I have come to ask you to come with me toouter space in hopes of capturing and destroying this man." Alise continued. "I will have some of my elite scouts come and take care of the Earthwhile we are gone." "What about me?"Darien asked. "You'll be coming too." Alise answered. "But I'm the Prince of Earth. I have to stay here." he protested. "I told you there is another Prince of Earth. He is your brother, PrinceAlex. He will stay here and watch over his planet." Alise explained. "I guessthat's all we need to know." Amy said. "We can leave whenever you'reready." Alise said. "Let me explain our mission further. We will be stopping on only a few planets that may be inhabited bymy-our father's servants. I am bringing the White Sailor and the Black Scout.They are the most powerful and most loyal we have. They are verytrustworthy and will be able to know our identities. They'll help us. I hopethey can.", Alise finished. ~In a dark room~ "So....she's caught on to me?" the man asked. The man turned aroundto face his intimidated servant. "Well.....yes?" the servant said. Knowing about this man's power andendless abilities. He was one of the only ones daring to be in the same roomwith this mad man. The only other person ever known to survive was his longtime friend, Desurite, who would always be there in the master's time ofneed. " Of course I will put out the "Welcome Mat" we have for her."Tsukiono said before laughing as one of those mad scientists do. "Uh........yes?" the servant said before he ran for his life. ~ Out in a field ~ "Here we are!" Alise said. Amy looked around to study theirsurroundings. "Very nice place to choose, Alise." Amy said, sounding pleased."Okay, I need everybody to stand in a circle.", Alise instructed. They all did as was instructed.***North Star Ultimate Power!!***What a sight. None of the other senshi could get over the power and energyshe was giving all of them. They knew that if Serena gave that much powershe would pass out. And so they followed Alise.***Moon Cosmic Power!!******Mercury Star Power!!******Mars Star Power!!******Jupiter Star Power!!******Venus Star Power!! ******..........oh yeah.......:)And Darien turned into Tuxedo Mask. Sailor North Star studied the surroundings until she came to a stop inthe middle of the open field. *****Sailor Transport!!***** And they all disappeared.........Questions?Comments?Flames?Anything? :) Tell me if you like it at