Pegasus and The Imprisoned Sailor Senshi
By Sailor Vegeta/Chibi BabeMany years in the future, where Neo Queen Serenity rules.......A teenage Princess Chibi Usa and the Amazon Senshi walk through a thickforest, picking flowers for the palace.Suddenly, Chibi Usa looks straight ahead to see a faint sight of a whitehorse with wings and a horn."Pegasus! Have you come back to me? Wait!" she cries, for she had not seenPegasus in so long.Chibi Usa lifts her dress and races through the fields after the figure."Princess! Where are you going! Who is Pegasus?!" The Amazon Senshi call,running after her.Chibi Usa trips over a strange crystal and brakes it as she runs."Whoa! No! Oh, what did I just trip on?" Chibi Usa looks under her and seesthe broken crystal. The Amazon Senshi finally catch up with her."Look, I just fell on this strange crystal. What is it?""First tell us why you ran, who is Pegasus?""Pegasus was a man and a pegahorn. We became good friends. We saved eachother. We loved each other. However, Pegasus had to leave me, but said theremight be hope for us in the future. But I guess I was just seeing thingswhen I thought he was here."All of a sudden, the crystal begins to brake. A glimmering light bursts out,and a form of a young girl appears. Finally, the color begins to flush overthe form, revealing a young girl with shining red hair, sparkly blue eyes,and would looked to be a Sailor Senshi fuku she was dressed in."Oh, my goodness! Can it be that I am finally free?""Who are you?" Sailor Ceres asks, eyes wide open."Don't look so surprised. I'm no different from any of you. I am SailorCallisto. Princess," Sailor Callisto says, looking at Chibi Usa."Do you know that pegahorn who led you here to free me?""What----You mean----That really was Pegasus?""Pegasus you call him? Yes, he certainly was real. I saw him morph into ayoung man as he ran. He looked as if he were looking for someone...Anyway,the reason I was trapped in that crystal was that Sailor Chaos trapped me inthere to keep me from saving the universe years ago. The imprisoning hadtaken so much energy, it caused me to fly swiftly away and crash upon Earth.The only way I could have been freed was if someone broke the crystal I hadbeen imprisoned in. If it were not for 'Pegasus' leading you here, you wouldnot have broke the crystal and freed me."Suddenly, Pegasus flies from out of no where onto the spot everyone wasstanding."Chibi Usa, I told you there might be hope for us. And there is. I havefinally returned to you. Because of this, I shall no longer be a pegahorn,but a man, as you are a lady."Pegasus transforms into Helios.Helios and Chibi Usa embrace each other an kiss."Thank you, Pegasus, for helping to free me. As Sailor Callisto, the SailorSenshi of Defense and Protection, I shall guard the palace you live in."Everyone walks home to the palace, as joy spreads through Crystal Tokyo.