By Sailor VegetaOn a sunny morning in the mid 2,000s, a teenage Princess Chibi Usa sleeps inher bedroom. Sunlight fill every corner of the room with cheerfulness. ChibiUsa dreams peacefully.(Setting: Chibi Usa's Dream)Chibi Usa runs through a field of flowers near a sparkling forest and atrickling river. Chibi Usa looks about.Chibi Usa: "I say, I know this place from somewhere. But- I know where thisplace is! I have not been here in so long! Not sense I was a little girl!""True Chibi Usa, it is not just the land who you have not seen in so long,sense you were a little girl. It is also me you have not seen sense you werea little girl." says a mysterious, yet calm voice."I know that voice!!!""Of course you do, it's me."Before Chibi Usa can answer, the beautiful land she was in disappeared, andso did the voice."Wait!" Chibi Usa cries. Suddenly Chibi Usa wakes up to find herself in herbedroom, at home, and that everything that had just happened had only been adream.Chibi Usa did not quite feel herself the rest of the day, and decided to gowalking in the meadow outside the palace. The meadow was full of flowers andwas near a sparkling forest and a trickling river. Chibi Usa jumped. It wasjust like the scene in her dream! Knowing that a voice would probably comenext, Chibi Usa decided to talk first this time."Hello! Is anyone there? I believe I know you from somewhere." Chibi Usa hadremembered that the voice in her dream sounded familiar."That you do, Chibi Usa." And a bright white glow came nearer and nearer,until it seemed to take the figure of a white horse with wings and a goldenhorn on it's head. Chibi Usa didn't need to wonder for a second who it was."Pegasus!!! You've come back! Oh, Pegasus!" Tears run down Chibi Usa'scheek."I have come back. I know. I can be with you forever now."Pegasus slowly morphs into Helios.The embrace each other and kiss."Let's go back home, now." said Chibi Usa happily. Helios and Chibi Usaheld on to each other the whole way home, talking about things that had beenhappening, as though they had never parted.Just before walking up the steps to the front door of the palace, Heliosstops Chibi Usa. He places his mouth next to her ear and whispers: "ChibiUsa, would you be mine?""But I am yours.""I mean, Chibi Usa, would you be my bride?""Of course I would---Yes! I will!"They walk into the palace and announce their marriage.The next day, Helios and Chibi Usa are married. Years later they livehappily with their new born daughter, Tsukino Kou.THE END