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Rei's Past

Rei gasped as she saw the image in the sacred fire. "Could it be? Could it be possible?" Rei saw how everything had an uncanny familiarity to it. In the flames was her image, not Rei Hino, not Sailor Mars but it was her former self ... the princess. She was at the palace but it was in ruins and she was crying with the others surrounding her. Suddenly they were all engulfed in a strange black energy.
But just as soon as it appeared, the image was gone and the fire calmed down.
"What....was that?" Rei thought. "Was it just a dream?"

Even though it was pretty late she needed to tell the others what she saw and figure out what it meant.
"Weird..." "How strange," the girls replied after they had all heard the story of the vision.
"Do you suppose that what you saw was true?" "That something like that actually happened back on Mars back in the p..." but before Amy could finish, Sailor Pluto appeared before the girls.

"Sailor Scouts, their has been a disturbance in the gateway of time. Someone has traveled to the past wreaking havoc over the planet Ma..." but she stopped halfway as she saw Rei's troubled face.
"So it is true. My reading. It was true? What happened? Who would of done such a..." Rei dropped to the floor in a state of total shock. The girls surrounded Rei and tried to comfort her. Sailor Pluto knelt down to Rei. "Yes, what you saw are things yet to happen. You must go to the past and stop this from happening."

"We can actually go to the past?" Mina asked.
"Yes, but it is extremely dangerous. You must be very cautious to not be seen or come in any contact with your former selves."
"Then lets go!" Lita replied.

Rei was still shaking a little from the news. Then a tender hand reached out to touch her shoulder. "Come on Rei, lets go set everything right again," her meatball headed friend said. "Lets go!" Rei nodded her head and stood to join the others.


The senshi were transported to the gate of time with Sailor Pluto. "Pluto, we could help so much in the past, warn everyone of Negaverse and the future and ..." Sailor Moon was interrupted.
"No Scouts! You mustn't, for in doing so you would significantly alter this world as we know it."

The scouts entered the gate and as they left they heard Pluto's echoing words, "Remember scouts, be very careful, this world depends on it!"

The scouts walked through the gates and past the hazy surroundings into the cosmic time warp and were magically transported back to the silver millennium on the planet Mars.

The scouts hid behind a wall overlooking the courtyard of the planet Mars's palace. "It looks like there is some sort of festival going on or something?" "No Jupiter, I think its a party ... birthday party, for me ... I mean the princess."
The courtyard was beautifully decorated with thousands of red roses. There were many people dancing about having a very happy time.
"Look!!! Its me and Amy and Mina!" Jupiter nearly shouted with excitement but refrained from doing so. "They look so proper," she tried to whisper.
The 3 princesses were dressed in very beautiful green, blue and orange dresses. They were dancing merrily about around the courtyard. But everyone stopped as the princess of the hour came unto the courtyard.
"All welcome Princess Rei of Mars!" Everyone turned around and started clapping for her.
"Its me," Rei thought to herself, "that's really me!" The raven haired princess came up to the stage wearing a beautiful white dress with a vibrant red sash around the waist and tiny red flowers all in her hair. The wind blew her bangs revealing a glowing, red Mars symbol on her forehead. She smiled politely into the crowd.
"Thank you all for coming." She spoke unto the crowd.

Suddenly the trumpets blew as they announced the arrival of Queen Serenity and her daughter. Everyone bowed. Princess Serenity walked up and bowed to Princess Rei, then gave her chariest friend a hug.
Lively music began as everyone began to dance once more. Everyone except the guest of honor.
"Wow this is really neat!" Mina said.
"Come on guys, we have a job to do. Something is going to go wrong at this party and we have to make sure it doesn't," Amy said.Even though the girls could have stood there watching their former selves dancing the night away they knew they must find the evil forces behind Rei's vision.

As they walked away they saw a mysterious figure come from behind the shadows. "Get ready scouts!" Sailor Moon whispered.
From behind the shadows out walked Prince Darien. He put on his eye mask and joined his princess who was waiting for his arrival.
"I don't believe it. It's Darien!" Sailor Moon gasped. The Prince took the hand of his Princess Serenity and they began dancing.

The scouts looked back on the party. "They're all so happy and lets keep 'em that way," said Sailor Moon.

The rest of the scouts crept away from the party but Sailor Mars was fixated on her former self. Princess Rei did not seem too happy and she was still not dancing. "Why am I so sad?" she thought to herself. "I seemed to be waiting on someone." All of a sudden her face lit up like a Christmas tree. She was greeted by a mysterious man.
"Who is that?" Rei asked. "I gotta see who he is!" Mars could only see the back side of the man. But as Mars was about to go in for a closer look she was stopped.

"No time Mars, we have a job to do," said the scouts.
"Yeah, I guess you're right."

The scouts walked around the perimeter of the palace, but they didn't see anything unusual. "Amy, got anything on you computer yet?" said Jupiter. "No, not yet. Wait, there is a strange energy wave coming from inside the palace."
"Then lets go moon dust 'em."

The scouts went to the far side of the palace and went in through an open window on the terrace. "This place doesn't look to be guarded, but this place is huge, how will we ever find him?" Mercury asked.
"I know." Mars said, "Its like all coming back to me. I know every square inch of this place."

The palace was beautiful inside, of course the color red was throughout the palace. Red carpet. Red drapes. Red flowers.

"I sense the evil in here. Follow me!" Mars said as she ran down the corridor. She lead her friends down into a secret passage leading into a hidden room. The scouts busted in. Sure enough the room was filled with nega-energy.
"It's the grim-man!" shouted Venus. "But we have already defeated him." "No, Venus, we defeated a grim-man in Chibausa's dream from the future. This must be him in the past." Mercury said.
The grim-man turned around to see the scouts ready to attack. "This is impossible. Why aren't you brats at the party?"
"I will not let you ruin my friend's party! I am Sailor Moon, and on behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs of the past and triumph over evil, and that means you!"
"You sailor saps are too late. As we speak a dark cloud of energy is encircling the party above. It will destroy everyone and everything in its path. I'll rather enjoy watching everyone be destroyed!" and with that, he transported back up to the party.
"Come on we have to stop him!" Mars shouted.

Sure enough, everyone at the party was screaming in horror of the black energy all around them. "It's draining everyone's energy!" Jupiter screamed.

Mars looked up unto herself and saw she and the other princesses were not being affected but the mysterious man she was dancing with was laying limp upon her lap, and the other girls were around her. "My dream... that's why I was crying, the grim-man's killing my love from the past!"
Anger overwhelmed Mars. Her eyes burned with crimson flames and her heart ached. "I will save them," she thought, "my vision will NOT come true!"
"Oh no you don't!" the grim-man said and blasted the scouts with black energy.
"So weak," Sailor moon said, "but we must stop him!" The scouts lay there helpless and weak.

Sailor Mars looked up to see her former self again, lying there beside her love and her friends. "I will not let them down. I will not be defeated at my home! I will stop him!"
Slowly she stood up. "I call upon the power of Mars, give me the strength to fight this evil!" "MARS FIRE IGNITE !" The fire blasted at the black cloud.
"What....that's impossible!" the grim-man mumbled, now powerless.
"You will not destroy this place or my past!" "MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!"
With that blast of fire the grim-man was destroyed and everyone was revived of thier energy and the scouts were transported back to the future to the temple.

"Good job, scouts, and thanks to you Rei everyone is fine." Sailor Pluto said as she disappeared once more.
"You, did it Rei!" her friends shouted. "You saved us all!"

"With your help I did, thank you all." She whispered.

Rei stood and watched her friends leave to go back home. "See ya later Rei." Serena shouted back.

Rei walked back inside the temple to find Chad standing against the door.
"Hi Rei, I heard some shouting earlier and when I couldn't find you I got really worried. Like you had just disappeared or something?"
"I'm sorry to worry you, Chad."
"That's okay. Goodnight, Rei."
"Goodnight, Chad." Rei said but as she looked up to see Chad leave, she nearly fainted. From the back, he sure did resemble the mystery man from the past. "Could it be possible?" she thought as she walked back to her room with a smile upon her face.

The end

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