Disclaimer: Okay. Sailor Moon isn't mine, however Sailor Miranda, Sailor Star Element, Sailor Star Senshi, Sailor Star Weather, Sailor Mini Star, Tuxedo Star, and Sakiko are."Talking"'Whispering'<My thoughts>More scouts?!BySaraMiranda wakes up in the middle of the night. Sweat drops form on her head. "No!" Miranda jumps and gets her jeans and her Disco Queen shirt on. She runs out to the park. Sure enough she sees something strange. She takes out her communicator. 'Maria? You there? Hurry up! We have trouble. Contact Dan and Kirsten!'Maria mumbles an affirmative.Miranda stands there watching people walk around. Mindless, and oblivious of their surroundings.She looks in the crowd and sees Hotaru. 'Wait a minute. If I remember correctly, Seiya told me after school that there was something wrong with Hotaru. She's been possessed!'Maria and Dan run quickly with Sakiko at their heels.Maria looks at the crowd. 'Dan. Look.'Dan looks. 'Careful guys.'Maria looks at Miranda, 'We couldn't contact Kirsten.'Miranda, Maria, Sakiko, and Dan look at the crowd. They see Kirsten punching some mindless zombies who are trying to get on top of her.Kirsten punches the Hotaru-zombie. "Get off me, you stupid!"Sakiko looks at her fellow scouts, "Transform!""RIGHT!"Miranda raises her hand in the air. "Moon Uranus Power!"Dan's head mic. appears. "Element Star Power!"Maria's head mic. appears. "Senshi Star Power!"Kirsten looks at the trees, "Right! Star Venus Power!!!"The scouts gather together."We are the unknown Sailor Stars! You'll pay, and the Stars say so! Stage on!""I'm Sailor Miranda! The Moon of Uranus says that you're punished!"A man appears in the trees, "And what are YOU going to do?"Miranda closes her eyes. "Destin. It's you, and I know it. Quit hiding."Kirsten teardrops, "Yeah whatever. I'm happy as long as I get to kick butt!"Maria and Dan look up. "That is Destin. I recognize that aura."Sakiko climbs into the tree, "Scouts! Go!"Kirsten jumps in the air, "Say good-bye, creampuff! Venus Star Bolt!"Destin laughs, "Disintegrating." The attack disintegrates. Destin laughs. "My turn! Flash!"Kirsten (who is still in the air), gets hit by the attack, and flies toward the zombies below. The zombies start to eat her up. Kirsten screeches in pain. "Run guys!"Dan looks at Maria. "Double-team?"Maria nods.Dan and Maria look at Destin. "TIME FOR DOUBLE-TEAM! SENSHI ELEMENT CRASH! FLASH! BOLT!"Destin laughs. "Double blocking." Destin laughs. "My turn. Double Ignite!"Dan and Maria go flying.Miranda looks up as they fly away. "NO!""RUN!"Miranda starts to run.Destin laughs. "Un-transforming power!"Miranda un-transforms. "What?" Miranda keeps running. "Destin! Quit it!"Destin jumps off the branch he is standing on. "I'm faster than you!"Miranda keeps running. When she sees Destin gaining on her she stops. She turns around and points her index finger at him. "You will think that you can't move! You can't move!"Destin looks around. "What!? I can't move!"Miranda starts to run again. She then remembers Kirsten. She closes her eyes. "I will have wings! Miranda! Lend me wings!" Miranda flies up into the air.Destin laughs. "HA! You can't do two spells at once, girly!"Miranda flies over to Kirsten. She looks at Hotaru in the crowd. She lands. "Star Venus?"Sakiko comes out from behind the tree.Another head mic. appears on Kirsten. "What?!"Sakiko looks at her. "Scream Star Element Power!"Kirsten looks dazed, "What? That's Dan!"Sakikio nods. "Yes, but it's time he finds out his true identity. Tuxedo Star. Plus! Star Venus has just died, now if you want to die along with her, fine, but I'd recommend living and just doing what I say."Kirsten furrows her eyebrows. "Enough said! Star Element Power!!!"Dan who keeps flying through the air with Maria, all of a sudden changes. His Sailor fuku becomes a Tux with a cape. The lining inside the capes has stars on it. He holds up his hands, and a star comes inside of it. He grabs on to Maria. "Don't worry!" He flies down to the ground. Maira looks up. "Tuxedo Star? I thought he was only in my dreams."Dan shakes his head. "Nope. Sailor Star Senshi, I'm real, but Miranda is by herself, and probably is in trouble. We must go."Maria nods. "Right."Kirsten looks down at her new fuku pleased. "Yeah! That stupid yellow fuku was getting annoying!" Her black fuku shines with glitter on it.Sakiko nods. "Good. I'm glad."Destin gets there. He picks Miranda up. "Well. Well. Well. If it isn't Miranda herself?"Miranda struggles to try to get free. "Destin, I can't believe you thought you were good once. You're horrible."Destin laughs. "Thank you! Now, let's send you down there! After I suck your energy, of course!""Fire Element Power!"Fire flies through the air towards Miranda and Destin.Miranda looks at the fire. She closes her eyes. "Destin. You will let me go."Destin lets go of her and gets hit by the attack.Miranda lands on the ground. She sighs. Star Senshi and Tuxedo Star finally get there. Maria runs over to Miranda. "Miranda!!!"Miranda sighs. "You guys. Haven't you realized it? Listen, we're all juniors, right?"Star Senshi, Tuxedo Star, and Star Element de-transform. "Right."Miranda frowns. "Well, you remember that my birthday is October 1st, and since I'm older, because I went to Transition, I'll be 18, tomorrow. That means, I'll die in 2 days, because it says I die the day after my 18th birthday."Maria covers her mouth. "Oh yeah. Miranda."Sakiko rubs her kitty eyes, and starts to cry. "Miranda. NO!" <awww·.>Dan closes his eyes. "Miranda. You can change that."Kirsten looks at Hotaru. "Come on Miranda! Enjoy your last two days alive!"Dan, Maria, and Sakiko glare at Kirsten. "KIRSTEN!!!"Kirsten teardrops. "What? So, we'll get that Sailor Moon to do one of her attacks, and call it a day. How's that?"Miranda laughs at Kirsten's foolishness. "You never were one who was good with Math, or figuring things out, were you?"Kirsten teardrops. 'No, so what?"Miranda laughs. "Easy. One little Moon attack wouldn't even take off half of an HP, not even a thirteenth of that monster's HP. It would probably take off..." Miranda stops to calculate it in her head. "... a 100th of one HP. The monster has 5 trillion HP. Wait, it's more than that. That means it would take 500,000,000,000,000,000 of those attacks, which would result in time to about..." Miranda starts to think again. "About 9 years and 7 months non-stop to kill the monster." Kirsten falls down to the ground. "WHAT THE HELL? ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL ROCKET SCIENCE ON ME, GIRL?!"Miranda laughs again. "No. You just don't choose to pay attention."Kirsten gets angry. "I'm leaving!"Miranda laughs. "Bye."Maria looks around. She picks up Hotaru. "Trista is probably worried."Maria and Dan walk to Trista's apartment. They run up the stairs and lay Hotaru in front of her door. They ring the doorbell then leave.Trista opens the door. She looks down to see Hotaru. She picks Hotaru up and looks around. "Huh?"The next morning Trista walks to school. She checks in and goes to the nurse's room. She sits there wondering what happened.RING!!!!!The bell rings. Mr. Daniels looks up. "Okay. I'm going to call role. Aino?" Mina smiles. "Here!"Mr. Daniels keeps calling role. He sighs. "Okay. Seiya and Serena aren't here. Five. Four. Three. Two. One."Immediately after Mr. Daniels says one, Serena and Seiya run in the classroom. "HERE!!!!" Mr. Daniels nods. "Serena. Seiya. ASD."Serena sinks in her seat.Mina raises her hand. "Mr. Daniels? Why does Mugen High get a break, and we don't?"Mr. Daniels lowers his glasses. "Well, Mina. Their break wasn't scheduled, actually. It seems that they had some things running around there that looked possessed, as they call it. They said they were going to clean it out, so to ensure the student's safety, they took a break."Miranda stands up. "Mr. Daniels. Isn't there some odd connection that there was things possessed over there, and students possessed here?"Mr. Daniels rubs his glasses. "I don't know."A guy with black hair and green eyes walks in. A girl with knee-length auburn hair and gold eyes follows him. Another girl runs in. Her silver eyes glisten and her nose-length brown hair shines. She looks at the guy cruelly. "You left me, you stupid idiot!"Mr. Daniels turns around. "Class! These are our new students. Please introduce yourselves, you three."The guy steps forward. "I'm Dan."The girl with auburn hair steps forward. She smiles. "I'm Maria. Oh, Miranda. Happy Birthday."The whole class turns around to look at Miranda then towards the other girl.The last girl steps forward. "Yo! I'm Kirsten! Don't mess with me, cuz' I'll beat you up? Got dat'?"Mr. Daniels teardrops. "Uhh· You can take the empty seats next to Seiya and Miranda."Kirsten runs and gets the seat furthest back. In front of her is a kid with coke-bottle glasses and carrot red hair. Kirsten starts to punch the kid. 'Loser.'Dan and Maria sit down.Dan tries to get Kirsten to stop, but fails.Kirsten punches the kid with the coke bottle glasses again.The kid goes flying out of his desk. "AAH!!!!!!"Kirsten laughs.Mr. Daniels gets up. "Kirsten! You're suspended!"Kirsten jumps up. "YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kirsten runs out of the classroom.Miranda stands up. "Mr. Daniels, Kirsten likes suspension. She's really dumb, so call her back in here. You should punish her with extra tests."Mr. Daniels looks out towards where Kirsten ran. "Kirsten! Come back here now! I forgot something about your suspension. I, of course didn't tell you how many days you were suspended."Kirsten runs back to Mr. Daniels. "Yes?" He closes the door and locks it. "You get an extra test with no suspension, now sit down!"Kirsten moans. "DAMN you stupid &^%#$@' BAS&^*$!!!"Yaten stands up. "I REMEMBER YOU!!! YOU WERE ANNOYING AS ANNOYING CAN GET!!! YOU ALWAYS RAN AROUND AND BEAT EVERYONE UP!!! I REMEMBER THAT ON KINM.."Seiya stands up. "Shut up!"Yaten clamps his mouth shut. "Sorry. Presume."Mr. Daniels looks at Yaten. "Kin what?"Taiki stutters. "Ken..n..Kentucky! Sorry sir. We'll try not to do it again."Mr. Daniels nods. "I thought I heard a mmmm at the end."Miranda sighs. "He said mmmm, because he was being interrupted and it just sounded like mmmm, even though it was ttttt. Seiya just told him to shut up, because Yaten has only repeated that story a million times."Yaten stands up. "I DID NO·"Taiki, Seiya, and Miranda roll their eyes. "SHUT UP!!!"Yaten sits down. Mr. Daniels furrows his eyebrows. "Okay. Let's go on."Yaten mutters. 'Stupid Kirsten.'Kirsten kicks the kid to her right.Mr. Daniels looks at Kirsten. "Kirsten! Over there."Kirsten takes her seat next to the chalkboard. She flips Mr. Daniels off behind his back.Serena squirms in her seat. "Mr. Daniels!!!!!"Mr. Daniels turns around and looks at Serena. He sees her crying. He then sees Kirsten next to Serena pulling her meatballs. Mr. Daniels glares at Kirsten. "KIRSTEN!!!!!"Kirsten laughs. "Meat-ball headed bit&*!"Seiya stands up. "Don't pick on her! If you're so tough, fight me!"Miranda stands up. "No. Seiya. Sit down. I'll take care of her."Seiya sits down. "Whatever."A couple of girls from the other side of the classroom start to cry, because it's obvious that Seiya likes Serena.Kirsten flips the girls off. "If you're so sad, kiss his a$$!"Miranda picks Kirsten up, and throws her in her seat. "Sit down, or I'll get Amara to take care of you."Kirsten sits there and flips Miranda off.Mr. Daniels sighs. "May we presume?"Amy and Taiki smile. "Yes please, Mr. Daniels!"Kirsten looks at Taiki. "Hey! You're that smart dork from Kinmo.."Miranda glares at her. "SHUT UP!"Kirsten laughs. "So? Maybe I should just tell everyone that you're a sa·."Miranda sits there and glares at her. "A sucky cooker. So what? I'm warning you. Don't blow it now Kirsten. Something very important to you is at stake. Don't make me break it."Kirsten glares back. "HA HA HA! What would that be?!" Kirsten speaks in a soft little girly voice. "Teachewe, she's thweatening me! Make hew stop pwease!" Kirsten bangs her fist on the desk. Thedesk breaks in two. "HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! What're ya' gonna' do now, Miranda? Are ya' gonna' try to hurt me, ya' little weakling?!" Kirsten stands up and walks towards the door. She starts to turn the handle. "HA HA HA HA!!!! WHAT THE HE··.?!"Every student in Lita's class barges in pummeling Kirsten to the ground. Students from other classes come in, too.Maria gasps. "What's going on here?!"Kirsten starts punching them. "GET OFF ME YA' LITTLE RETARD!!!!"Miranda stands up and runs to the window. "Mr. Daniels·please direct your students out of here. Use this rope to climb out of the window and evacuate the school. Run up to the office and tell them immediately what is going on."Mina and Yaten nod. "These things aren't fun to mess with! Believe me!"One of the girls glares at Mina and Yaten. "And how would you know?!"Mina scratches her head. "Uhh·well·umm·Lita told us so, right Yaten?"Yaten nods. "Exactly!"The girl looks puzzled. "How do·"Mina screams. "Hey! Look behind you!"The girl falls over while more and more zombie-like students fall on her. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Dan stands up. "This ain't good, as Kirsten would say it."Miranda ties the rope to the window. "Okay. Mr. Daniels, you first."Mr. Daniels shakes his head. "No·students first."Five girls and seven guys run to the window pushing each other out of the way to be the first ones out.Miranda shakes her head. "Mr. Daniels, after these 12, please go! You have to tell the office!"Mr. Daniels still shake his head. "No."Serena runs towards the window. "AHH!!!!! I DON'T WANNA' GET HURT!!!!!"Mina, Yaten, Taiki, Amy, and Seiya follow her. "SERENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"The rest of the class runs out except Miranda, Mr. Daniels, Kirsten, Dan, and Maria.Miranda looks Mr. Daniels straight in the eye. "Go now, and tell the office."Dan runs over to the window. "Here Mr. Daniels, Maria and I will go with you, okay?"Maria shoves Mr. Daniels next to the window. "We're right behind you."Mr. Daniels goes down followed by Maria and Dan.Sakiko jumps out of Miranda's backpack. "Okay! Time to transform!"Miranda shakes her head. "No Sakiko. It's too obvious, now. We can't."Destin shows up. "Hello my pretties."Miranda looks up. "You're behind this?!"Kirsten gets up off the floor. "YOU'LL PAY!"Destin laughs. "Why yes, I am."Miranda glares at him. "I don't know how I know you, or why I know you, because I don't want to know you. You will pay, though."Destin laughs. "You'll find out soon enough, but until then, we'll have fun!"Kirsten laughs. "DAMN RIGHT we'll have fun! WE'LL HAVE FUN KICKING YOU'RE A$$!"Miranda nods. "Scout or not."Kirsten smiles. "Miranda, let's make this a double-team, you take mental, I'll take physical. Agreed?"Miranda nods. "Right Kirsten. Let's keep our identities safe. We can do this with out transforming."Kirsten nods. "Right. It doesn't matter if we don't have Dan for communnicational."Miranda shifts her feet. "Or if we don't have Maria for spiritual."Kirsten gets into a fighting stance, and Miranda rubs her head. "We still have Physical and Mental, and we'll still win!"Destin laughs. "Is that all? Just a little talk, and you expect that I'm gonna' be gone? It's gonna' take a lot more than that!"Miranda takes her hand off her forehead. She points her index finger at Destin, and closes her eyes. "You will not be able to·"Destin smirks. "ENERGY SUCKER!" He sucks Kirsten's energy out.Kirsten screams. "MIRANDA!!!! PLEASE, POWER ME UP, FORGET ABOUT CONTROLLING DESTIN!"Miranda points her finger at Kirsten with her eyes still closed. "You will feel more power."Kirsten gets more power.Destin and Kirsten fight til' there's no end. Meanwhile:Maria and Dan look at Mr. Daniels. "We'll tell the office! You stay here and watch the class!"Mr. Daniels nods. "Okay."Maria and Dan run to the office. Maria goes up to the secretary. "Excuse me, but·.ACK! Dan! She's possessed too!"The secretary starts to bite on Maria's hand. Maria shreaks. "GET HER OFF OF ME, DAN!!!!!!!"Dan smacks the secretary.The secretary lets go of Maria and falls over.Trista walks over to them. "Hello. I'm glad there is someone else here that isn't possessed. You were the ones who brought Hotaru back, didn't you? Well, thank you very much."Maria nods. "Yeah·we brought her back, but how'd you know?"Trista smiles. "I can sense certain things."Maria and Dan smile at Trista.Trista sighs. "We better get out of here. What do you say?"Dan smiles. "That's fine with us."They here someone shreak from a floor or so up.Maria bites her tongue. She closes her eyes. "That sounded like Kirsten!"Dan nods. "I recognize that shriek anywhere."Trista looks at them worried. "There are still un-possessed people in this building besides us?!"Dan and Maria nod. "Afraid to say so, but yes."Trista rubs her forehead. "I hate to say it, but you may never see them again."Maria gasps. "What?"Another shriek comes, followed by a deep laughing.Dan furrows his eyebrows. "Destin. Destin is up there."Trista looks at Dan and Maria. "Whoever was screaming may never be seen again. We must hurry and get out of here, but I have to save Lita. She isn't gone yet, but she might die, if we don't get her out of here. Hurry! Follow me!"Trista runs out of the office and down the hall towards the Nurse's office.Dan and Maria nod, and follow her. They feel a prescence in their minds. "That's definetly Rachel and Amber." The shriek becomes louder and louder with each step. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>What will happen to Kirsten, Miranda, and Lita?Find out in Episode 3, entitled "Misery."<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Okie Dokie·. To clear up confusion:Miranda = Sailor MirandaKirsten = Sailor Star ElementMaria = Sailor Star SenshiDan = Tuxedo StarRachel <appears in episode 3> = Sailor Mini StarAmber <also appears in episode 3> = Sailor Star WeatherSakiko = The unknown Sailor's annoying and nagging cat.<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Episode 3 will be coming soon, and along with the next episode, I'll send a couple ofpictures of the scouts. Thanks!