I did not make up Sailor Moon! Sailor Miranda and Sailor Star Element are mine."talking"'whispering'<My thoughts> Who?! By SaraAmara wakes up. She checks the calendar, "Yes! Tomorrow is the beginning of fall break!" She gets dressed in her Mugen High uniform immediately. She runs out the door, down the steps, and out of the apartment building faster than ever.Michelle sighs, "I will never get her!"Trista walks to the Nurse's office, "Sorry I know I'm late."Mrs. Smith <made-up> nods, "It's okay Trista. I understand. How is Hotaru doing? She wasn't at school yesterday."Trista looks up curiously, "She wasn't?" Trista taps her foot, "Funny. She did go to Rini's last night, but she never came home. I called Rini and she said she never showed up. I hope. oh no!"Mrs. Smith looks over at Trista curiously, "What is wrong, Trista?"Raye comes in <even though she doesn't go to that school>, "Trista. I need you to come here."Mrs. Smith nods, "You're excused."Trista runs out into the hall with Raye, 'what is it?'Raye sighs, 'I found Hotaru on the street while going to school yesterday morning. She had collapsed. I took her in and she hasn't awoken yet. I tried calling you for hours, but there was no answer.'Trista looks up, 'I stayed off the phone, hoping she would call. Funny. It never rang once."Raye gasps, 'You don't think the enemy is behind it! Do you?'Trista nods, 'Yes. Maybe. I thought we got rid of the enemy, but they keep rearing their ugly heads.'Raye looks at the clock, 'I've got to go! Come by after work, and I'll show you where I put her. I couldn't let Grandpa see her, because if I did, I'm afraid she'd never leave. Grandpa, has gone crazy lately.'Serena runs through the halls skipping happily, "Boy! This year went fast! Amara called me on her car phone and told me it was the last day of school!"Trista closes her eyes, "Serena. It's October 27th."Serena looks up. "What?!"Trista nods, "It is the last day of her school, because they get a break."Raye laughs, "Maybe you should listen for once!" Raye looks at the clock, "AAH!!!! I've gotta' go!"Serena watches Raye run out like a speeding bullet.Lita comes up behind her, "Serena?! Early?!"Serena nods, "Yeah!Lita laughs, "I never thought I'd see it! Serena! Early! Oh well. I got to go to class!"Lita walks in to see her classmates working. Lita scratches her head, 'They're never working when I usually come in.' Lita leans over one of their shoulders to see what they're working on. She gasps, "What?!"The students get up and run towards Lita, "Do your work! Work for the enemy!"Lita gasps, "Get away from me!"Lita runs over to the window. She opens it.Her classmates run after her.Lita karate-chops one of the students. She grabs another one and throws him out the window. She jumps over to a desk.The students grabs her and throws her out the window.Mina walks up to the entrance of the school. She sees Raye run out. She sighs, "I wonder what Raye was doing." She walks up to the entrance and walks inside. She looks at a clock, "AAAH!!!! I'm going to be late!" Mina runs down the hall and jumps in her seat a second before the bell rings.Serena gags, "Mina! You're sitting on me! Get up!"Mina jumps up, "OOPS!!! Sorry Serena!" She runs to her seat.Amy laughs, "Mina. You don't have to run. The teacher isn't even here!"Mina looks up at the teacher's desk. Surely enough, the teacher wasn't there. Mina wipes her forehead, "Whew!"Mr. Daniels <made him up, too> walks in with Taiki following him.Seiya and Yaten gasp, "Taiki? Late?!"Taiki laughs, "No."Mr. Daniels nods, "Taiki helped me with a student. We took her over to Trista immediately. It appears, that her classmates threw her out the window. She claims that they were posessed."Serena immediately looks at Seiya. She mouths the words, "evil?" to Seiya.Seiya nods. He mouths the words, "Probably so." to Serena.Mr. Daniels looks at Seiya and Serena, "Is there something you would like to share with the class?"Serena gulps, 'No.'Seiya throws a pen on his desk, "No. Sorry."Mr. Daniels nods, "I thought so."Mina raises her hand.Mr. Daniels looks at Mina, "Yes?"Mina puts her hand down, "If you don't mind telling me, who was injured?"Mr. Daniels sighs, "Sure. Her name is Lita Kino."Mina immediately gulps, "Th-thank you."Serena bursts, "Lita?! I've got to go see her!" Serena runs out of the classroom before Mr. Daniels can stop her.Mr. Daniels sighs, "Who is a fast runner and strong enough to carry her?"Seiya immediately raises his hand.Mr. Daniels nods, "Thank you Seiya. Go get Serena."Seiya speeds out of the classroom.Amy raises her hand, "Mr. Daniels? I found the answer to yesterday's problem."Mr. Daniels smiles, "Yes Amy?"Amy stands up and goes to the board, "The letter V is ancestral to."Mina starts to fall asleep, "Boring."Yaten throws a note over at Mina. Mina reads it and nods.Yaten stands up, "Mr. Daniels! I think Seiya is going to need some help. It only takes a minute to get over there, and thirty seconds while running. I think Seiya is probably having trouble."Mr. Daniels nods, "Yes Yaten. You may go. It has been a little too long."Mina runs up to Mr. Daniels after Yaten leaves, 'Uh. Mr. Daniels. I need to leave class to go to the bathroom. I'm feeling a little sick."Mr. Daniels nods.Mina runs out of the classroom. She sighs, 'Hey Yaten. I finally got out of there!'Yaten laughs, 'Should we really go help them?'Yaten's question isn't even answered, because he sees Seiya carrying Serena to the classroom.Yaten grabs Mina and runs into a classroom.Seiya and Serena go into the classroom.Seiya puts Serena down in her seat and he runs over to his seat.Mr. Daniels looks up, "Where is Yaten?"Seiya looks confused, "Never saw him."Mr. Daniels watches Amy go back to her seat once she is done writing the answer on the chalkboard, "He said he was going to help you."Seiya yawns, "I probably left before he got there."Yaten looks around the classroom, "What the?!"Mina looks at Yaten, "You said you had to ask me something personal." She turns around, "Huh?!"The students in the classroom (Lita's classmates) walk over to Mina and Yaten.Mina screams.Yaten puts a hand over her mouth, "SHH!! You don't want anyone to here us!"Mina closes her mouth as Yaten takes his hand off. Mina grabs onto Yaten's arm, "What are those?!"Yaten hugs Mina. He holds her close, "I don't know."The bell rings. Lunchtime.Mina bunches up close to Yaten, "Yaten. We can't transform."Yaten nods, "Right. The window is still open, and what if someone comes in."Mina doesn't even notice that Yaten is hugging her really close <usually she'd be freaking out and have little cartoon hearts pop out of her head>, "What are we going to do?"Yaten kisses her on the head, "It'll be okay. We'll think of something."Mina looks at the kids who are encircling them, "We can't reach the door."Yaten kicks one of the kids, "Don't worry. I'll protect you."The kid grabs his foot.Yaten blinks, 'What the-?'Before Yaten can finish the kid lifts him up and throws him down on the ground behind him.Mina's voice quivers, "Yaten!"The circle of kids gets closer to Mina.Yaten gets up. He picks up one of the kids and grabs Mina's hand. He pulls her out of the circle.Mina closes her eyes, "What is going on?"Yaten picks Mina up and carries her. He jumps on a desk.Mina opens her eyes and blushes <finally>, "Thank you Yaten." Her voice quivers, 'I-I l-love y-you."Yaten looks down at Mina. A smile spreads across his face. He kisses her, "Everything will be okay." He kisses her again, "I love you too." He jumps to another desk.The kids run around like crazy, following Yaten who keeps jumping from desk to desk.Yaten looks down at Mina, "Go out on your own, now!"Mina nods, "Okay." She jumps out of his arms, onto another desk. She goes to the window. She looks down to make sure no one is there. Mina looks back up, "Yaten! We can't go back through the school! Let's try to climb down!"Yaten nods, "Better than nothing."Yaten jumps over to the desk Mina is on, "I'll go first."Mina smiles, "I was about to ask you to go first, because I fall easily." Mina grins <what's she up to>.Yaten climbs down quickly. He looks around, "Mina! Come on! The coast is clear!"Mina starts to climb down. She then slips <I bet she planned that on purpose>. She screams, "AAAH!!!! YATEN!! SAVE ME!!!!!"Yaten catches her, "You okay?"Mina blushes, "Yes. Thank you. What did you want to ask me?"Yaten puts her down, "Just wonderin' if you wanna' be my Girl."Mina jumps up and hugs him, "OF COURSE!!!!!!"Yaten smiles, "Cool."Amy runs around the corner with Serena close at her heels, "MINA!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! HUH?!"Mina blushes, "Uh. I just felt a little sick, and on Yaten's way back from the nurse he helped me. I'm all better now!"Taiki runs up to Yaten, "You missed today's lesson in Math. That's horrible."Yaten turns around, "JUST SHUT UP!!!!" <I see that Yaten is getting back to normal!>Seiya runs around the corner, "Math. Who cares."Yaten laughs, "HA! DID YOU HEAR THAT TAIKI?! HA HA HA!!!!!"Taiki looks depressed, "Math is essential to life. Without Math, you couldn't."Yaten interrupts him, "I'll finish that for you! Without Math you could be happy!"Taiki walks off, "Don't come crying to me when you're practicing your lines."Yaten snorts, "AND WHAT LINES WOULD THAT BE?! HA!"Taiki grins, "May I take your order, and do you want fries with that? Of course."Yaten frowns, "WHY YOU LITTLE!!!!"Seiya grabs Yaten from behind, preventing Yaten from trying to kill Taiki, "Easy Yaten."Amy comes from around the corner, "Okay everyone this is. what?!" Amy looks at Yaten being hold back by Seiya. She sighs, "Everyone needs to stay after school to investigate that classroom. Mina just told me the story, and we all agreed. Are you guys going to come? We need you."Taiki jumps around like a little bunny <weirdo> , and keeps laughing at Yaten.Yaten's face gets extremely red.Seiya teardrops, "Yeah. We'll be there. Better get out of here, because I'm losing my grip."Amy hears the bell ring to indicate that Lunch is over, "I've got to go!"Taiki runs up the steps along with Amy.Amy drops the book she was reading.Taiki picks it up, "I think you dropped this."Amy takes the book, "Thank you Taiki."Taiki then sees that Seiya loses his grip.Amy keeps on smiling, "You're such a nice person, and."Taiki grabs Amy's arm and starts running, "Hold on Amy. Yaten is going to try to kill me!"Amy teardrops. She lets Taiki pull her along, because she can't say she minds it.Ken shows up in the nurse's office, "Lita. I'm sorry this happened to you."Lita smiles up at Ken, "It's okay. I'm just glad that you weren't in there. I was glad I wasn't thrown off the edge by my own boyfriend."Ken laughs, "Yeah. I thankfully wasn't there, but I wondered what made all of those students possessed."Lita looks at the ceiling, "I don't know."A girl comes up from behind, "I hope you feel better. I've heard of possessed teachers, but not possessed students. Teachers get possessed when they give homework, in case you didn't know."Lita and Ken both laugh in unison, "I guess that all teachers get possessed once in a while, then!"The girl nods, "Lita. Ken. I'm Miranda. Pleased to meet you."Lita and Ken nod, "Pleased to meet you!"Miranda smiles, "I've got to get to class. See you later."The bell rings and everyone goes to their seats.Mrs. Smith <Another made-up teacher> looks at everyone, "Okay. Class. This Miranda. She will be in your class, from now on."Serena jumps up, "Hi Miranda!"Mrs. Smith points to a seat in the corner, "That is your seat."Miranda nods and sits down. She looks at Seiya who is sitting in front of her, 'I know you.'Mrs. Smith looks at Miranda, "Miranda, do you know anyone here?"Miranda nods, "Yes. I know Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki."Yaten turns around from shooting spit wads at the girl in front of him, "Oh Miranda. What's up?"Taiki looks up from his studying, "Hi Miranda. Nice to see you again. How are you?"Seiya turns around, "Hey Miranda."Miranda smiles, "Not much Yaten. Nice to see you again, too Taiki. I'm fine. Hi Seiya."Mrs. Smith nods, "Then, I take it you're happy with your seat?"Miranda grins, "Yeah."Mrs. Smith gets back to teaching her boring History lesson.Seiya turns around, 'So why are you here?'Miranda leans forward, 'Someone told me that you guys called for back-up, so I'm here.'Seiya nods, 'Oh yeah. Taiki called for back-up after Raye told us there is going to be new and tougher enemies.'Miranda nods, 'Raye is right. I'll have to meet her. I've already seen our new enemies. It looks like they're possesed. Kind of like how Amy described it about the Negaverse when Nephlite sucked the energy out of people when their energy is at peak. They threw Lita out of the window. Ken, her boyfriend, is in there with her right now. We were talking during your lunch break.'Seiya sighs, 'So what happened to Dan? Is he coming back from Kinmoku like the rest of us?'Miranda smiles, 'Yeah. I hope so. He'll be back soon.'Seiya turns around to see that the teacher is reading out of her book. He looks at Miranda, 'Oh, your Mom currently goes to Mugen High. Along with your Aunt Michelle.'Miranda brushes a strans of hair away from her face, 'You mean Amara? I don't know why she is my Mom. She is kind of weird.'Seiya tries hard not to laugh, 'You mean future Mom. Yeah. I know. You're really nothing like her. You're nice, she isn't. Well, with an exception.'Miranda's smile quickly tunrs into a frown, 'Shut up, or I'll cream ya'!'Seiya teardrops, 'And that.'Mrs. Smith looks up, "Seiya! Miranda! Pay attention! And Seiya! Turn around! Quit flirting you two."Seiya turns around. He starts to think to himself:Will Dan ever come back? I hope so. As Sailor Star Element, we need him.Serena looks over at Seiya and Miranda. She thinks to herself:I wonder what they were talking about. Seiya likes me! He can't like her!Miranda leans forward, 'There are other scouts who are coming to help us. They are unknown warriors from Sakikuno. Kinmoku's partner.'Seiya turns around, 'Other Sailor Scouts? Who are they?'