This is my first fanfic posted on the web.  It is based on the Manga but it was written before Sailor Moon ended so it is not the same. It is my version of how the show ended. Haruka is a guy and a girl here.  This is a revised version I am putting on my page.  Many people have asked for a conclusion and I will be writing one and it will be put up soon.  Disclaimer- The characters and all else associated with Sailor Moon are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha.  The story belongs to me though.  You can reach me here  Enjoy!                       Inside Reflections                   By Connie Somerville Kotkin                                                      (Neo-Queen Serenity)        The moonlight shines down on me.  I look up to my adversary.  This is it, the final battle, Good against evil.  I look deep within myself and remember how this all began.                        ---------------------------------------------------                                                                     All of my life I have felt like there was more to me then what it seemed.  I  have had dreams of castles in the darkness of space, of a man whom I was forbidden to love, of girls who were my friends dressed in strange outfits, and of pain.  In the morning, I would awaken with extreme sadness, but soon I forgot.  As I got older, the dreams become more intense.  I became afraid of what they were showing me.  I didn1t want to know what they meant.  I hid myself away from them and tried to forget.  But I could not hide for long.        When I was 14, my life changed forever.  I found out what some of my dreams meant, but many still remained a mystery.  I was a warrior who was to fight  the dark forces and protect the Princess.  The Princess, the one who could use the crystal that could doom or save the world.  I met a mysterious warrior in a cape who always seemed to be there for me when I needed it.  It seemed as if I have known him forever.  I later found three other warriors. I was then told that I was the leader of the group and was given a Moon Stick to use to protect the Princess.        Finally I learned that I was the Princess.  My dreams became clear to me.  I understood it all.  I was no longer just Usagi Tsukino, but was now Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. I had all of her hopes and dreams inside of me.  I realized why I never tried to understand my dreams: once I did that, the struggle over who I was to become would begin. One thing that went through my mind day after day was, "who am I ?  Who controls my destiny, Usagi or Serenity?"                                                 ----------------------------------------------------                                            I prepare myself now for the final fight.  This will be my most difficult fight yet.  For I am the last hope for everyone, especially for my friends.                         ---------------------------------------------------        The first person I met was Ami.  She was everything I was not: intelligent and serious.  When I first met her, I felt like I knew her .  When we learned that she was Sailor Mercury, the soldier of wisdom, I was very happy.  Finally, I would have someone else to fight with. I would no longer be alone living this double life.  She was always there when I needed her.          Then came Rei.  We did not get along that well together.  She was a priestess with strange powers of insight.  She scared me.  When she became Sailor Mars, the soldier of war, I felt a little uncomfortable fighting with her.  It was like I always had to show her that I was better than what she thought of me.  I wanted her to respect me and I was never sure if she did.  Now I know otherwise.         Mako-chan:  a brave and beautiful person.  I felt really close to her the moment I first saw her.  She was Sailor Jupiter, the soldier of protection.  I felt  like she had always protected me and always would.  She protected me when I first met her and that is something she has always done, and the last thing she ever did.          Venus,  the true leader of the Sailor Scouts.  She was the first fighter among us. Minako, in her I found a kindred spirit.  We had so much in common, she was like a sister for to me. Whenever I felt  like it was too much for me, that I could not handle all the responsibility, she would be there.  She gave me the strength and courage to continue.        Setsuna, the lone warrior, Sailor Pluto.  In the future where I first met her in this life, she seemed so alone.  Small Lady was her only friend, it seemed.  When she died in front of me, I learned the truth.  She loved Endymion.  I could see it in her eyes and the way she spoke to him.  It seems she has felt this way for him for more years than I have known him.  She would never do anything to disrupt the future though.  Now it is disrupted because of me.  She told me that the future is not set, that she was happy because in the end she was able to stand and fight beside me.                            Of all of the Senshi, I feel the strongest  for this one.  Haruka Sailor Uranus, the senshi who is both male and female.  When we first met he was a male and I felt attracted to him.  Mamoru became very jealous when he caught us about to kiss.  I don't know, but something about Haruka calls out to me.  Even as a girl, I feel real close to her but not in the same way as when she becomes a man.  I know Haruka has feelings for me too.  My feelings are very confused when it comes to Haruka.  It is too complicated.  Haruka is the most protective of me of all the senshi.  Her strength and courage is a wonder to behold. How I wish she was here with me now.        Michiru the graceful Sailor Neptune.  She is always showing me the beauty in life.  When I listen to her play the violin all my cares are swept away and I feel one with the universe, especially the moon.  She has the ability to see inside of ones  soul.  So it was she who came to me and talked to me when I was troubled and confused about myself and my life.  What would she find inside of me now?        Hotaru of all the senshi we have the most in common.  As Sailor Saturn, my mother said she must never awaken for if she does the world will end.  I do not believe that. She is the Messiah of Silence like I am the Messiah of  Legend.  We both have hard burdens to bear, neither one of us asked for this.  We are really close because of this.  She is such a gentle and sweet girl and she has to bear the burden of her power.  She can destroy the world, but I can heal it.  Whose burden is worse, hers or mine?  I cannot say.                        ----------------------------------------------------        Darkness all around me.  I see her prepare to attack.  I brace myself for it and pain goes through me.  I stagger and then stand tall.  Her attack is weak for she is hate and I am love.                          ----------------------------------------------------        Over 1000 years ago, Princess Serenity fell in love with Prince Endymion from Earth. The people of the Moon and Earth were not supposed to meet, it was a taboo.  They did not care though.  Prince Endymion died protecting his love and the Princess rather than face living without her love, using his sword to end her life.        Then they were reborn.  Prince Endymion as Mamoru Chiba and Princess Serenity as me, Usagi Tsukino.  When I first met Mamoru I did not like him.  He was rude and obnoxious.  When I became Sailor Moon I liked him as Tuxedo Mask.  When I found out he was Tuxedo Mask, my feelings towards him changed.  Then he took a blast  meant  for  me and thus my memories as Serenity were awakened and he was turned against me.  He came back to me and helped me to defeat Metallia.          We went from disliking each other to loving each other in such a short time.  We were getting to know each other in this life when Chibi-Usa came.  Mamoru went from calling me "Usako" to "Usa".  I was extremely jealous of her, and when we went to the future and met King Endymion and found out she was our daughter, I was more so.  He protected her more than he did me.  It seemed liked King Endymion was more worried about me than Mamoru was.  When I was taken by Prince Dimand, he went searching for me and ended up being brainwashed by Black Lady.  When I came back and saw them kissing, I was heartbroken.  A part of me started to wonder if he really loved me at all and more importantly if I, Usagi Tsukino, or Serenity loved him.  I pushed it to the back of my head though.        Every thing turned out well though, and Chibi-Usa stayed with us to train.  Mamoru treated her better than he did me.  Always buying her things, being with her all the time, saying how much more mature she was than I was.  Of course she was, she was 900 years old.   She had more life experience then I did both of my lives combined.        Then Haruka and Michiru came.  He got very mad at me when he saw me about to kiss Haruka.  After that he treated me better but, it was still not the same.  After I healed Tokyo due to the damage caused by Pharaoh 90, we became closer.  That part of me that questioned my love was still there though.          He took me for granted after he found out about our future.  Since we were destined to be together he did not see the need to romance me or woo me.  Why should he, if he all ready had me?  It seemed like the only time he cared was when I was in danger of leaving him.  "Was this love?", this thought always went through my head.  Did I love Mamoru or was it Serenity inside of me that made me love him because he was Endymion?  I didn't  know.                                ------------------------------------------------------        I feel the power building within me.  My body starts to radiate and the crystal in my hand pulses with power.  I fly up and cut lose with the crystal.  I watch as the Chaos above me is destroyed.  Then I see that they have all returned.  Their star crystals have become theirs again, and they are whole.  I smile down upon them and all my thoughts flow into them.  I look and Mamoru and I see the pain in his eyes, he knows what I have gone through.  I turn back to my task.  I use the remaining power from the crystal to seal the evil away forever.  I then use the power within me to heal the cosmos.  All the damaged caused by the Sailor Wars begins to heal.  I feel my strength start to leave me.        I see the panic upon there faces as they see me start to lag.          "Stop Usagi you have done enough." Rei screams.        I turn and look at them.  "Usagi is no more,"  I serenely say, "I am Serenity.  The light of hope that shines for all time.  Don't worry, I'll be o.k.  I am eternal."        The last of my power is gone.  I feel myself fall from the sky.  Mamoru catches me.  I fell myself being shaken.          "Usako, don1t leave me." Mamoru cries into my ear.  It is the last thing I hear.  The world starts to spin around me.  The last thing I sense before the darkness reaches me is the power within me.  I smile while the darkness falls.