Princess Jupiter: Redeemer of Undying Essence

July 16th - Emerald Turret
Don't you hate it when things don't go your way? I do. Yesterday I had to 
go with Mama to my Aunt Sari's labor. It was hot and stuffy in the labor 
room. The midwives kept having to light Rose incense so that the smell would 
not overpower us. After six hours of screaming, the baby boy finally came to 
life. His name is Joseph Potter. The new little duke. I must admit he was 
After that, I was forced to sit in my sewing circle. There is nothing more 
boring than being stuck up in that room with a bunch of girls who care 
nothing about themselves but to please their husbands. It makes me so angry 
thinking about that. I wish I were a prince. That way, I would have more 
freedom. It's the only thing I desire.

July 17th - Emerald Turret
Papa has come back from touring around Jupiter giving political speeches. 
There is going to be a great feast tonight celebrating his safe return. I 
hear that even the Queen Selenity is going to attend. I have to be present, 
even though I hate going to these huge parties. I am going to wear a low cut 
green velvet blouse with a silk skirt. I guess I never introduced myself 
properly. I am Princess Makoto Kino, the Mistress of New Jupiter. I am 16, 
at least 2 years older than all the other princesses of the 9 Kingdoms. 
Well, I must go. I have to get my cosmetics painted on for the party.

July 18th - Emerald Turret
Queen Selenity, even in old age, is still the most beautiful person I've 
ever seen. Though her daughter's beauty leaves much to be desired. My mother 
is going to go to Stacia, a small port town on the outskirts of Emerald 
City. She is going there to support her fundraiser for abused women. She is 
a great leader. Both my parents are. That is why they are called the Golden 
Monarchs. My mother is the first Queen of Jupiter who actually has power. 
Usually it is only the King who rules, but my mother does too. I think it's 
wonderful that she does this.

July 19th - Emerald Turret
Mama has gone to Stacia; she should be back in two months. And papa will 
leave again soon; he will be gone for another year. My mother has handed the 
crown to me for the next two months. It's kind of like a test; to be sure I 
am ready for my future duties. I have such a busy schedule for tomorrow. 
First, I must go to the wine factories to check up on the crates of Forest 
Wine that are going to be sold. Then I have to go to a tea party at the 
Sapphire Citadel to see my good friend Princess Ami. Then last, but not 
least, I have to go to the Jade Keeps to check up on the infant lions that 
were born yesterday.

July 21st - Emerald Turret
Well, going over to Ami's was quite eventful. She surprised me by having 
Jedite there. I was so stunned. But there was something different about him. 
I used to always think that I loved him, and that I wanted to rule with him, 
but I don't anymore. To tell you the truth, he frightens me. I am still not 
sure if I should leave him or not. But I did see another officer there. A 
commander named Nephrite. He has long, curly brown hair, and piercing eyes. 
Every time he looked at me, I blushed. Ami's guardian was there too, Sir 
Zoicite. He was handsome; with long blonde hair back in a ponytail, and gray 
blue eyes. The lions were being well fed, and the report said that they 
would open their eye's next week. I remember a while ago, when I was just 
two, my Papa sold a white tiger to Princess Mina, the Divinity of Worship. 
She was given that title when she was born. All of the princesses have 
mighty names. We joke around a lot with each other about them. My name of 
power is Mistress Makoto, Redeemer of Undying Essence. Apparently there was 
a legend long ago, that the Divinity of Worship would walk the planets 
looking for poor souls to collect in her Jar of Hell. Once she caught a 
number of souls she would take them to be judged by the Forsaken Fire 
(Princess Rei). If they were good or tried to be good during their life, 
then they would go up to heaven with the Freezing Archangel (Princess Ami). 
But if they had done wrong in their life, they would be taken down to Hades 
with me, the Redeemer of Undying Souls. There I would whip them into shape 
with the most feared person of all time, the Shadow of Lifeless Hatred, 
otherwise known as Princess Serena. Well, one of the souls that were in the 
Jar of Hell broke loose somehow; maybe his will was strong enough. But so 
surprised was the Divinity of Worship, that she dropped her jar, and all of 
the souls broke free. Once they all discovered they were free, they captured 
the Divinity of Worship in her own jar, and took her to be judged in front 
of everyone. Now, the Forsaken Fire was extremely sad at this, but she was 
bound in blood to judge her as she did everyone else. She judged her 
truthfully. "Lady Worship, you have gone through life taking souls before 
their time and bringing them to me to evaluate. Now by some turn of events, 
I must judge you. I find you guilty of committing the darkest sins known to 
the 5 Kingdoms. The Redeemer is waiting for you Lady." So then Lady Worship 
left, head bowed, and walked to The Redeemer, who threw her into Hades. Lady 
Worship's biggest fear had finally come when she saw the shadowy figure of 
the Devil herself appear, the Shadow of Lifeless Hatred, the She-Demon. The 
She-Demon took Lady Worship's hand and guided her to the Moon Room. As they 
walked across floors made of undead souls, Lady Worship began to give in. As 
soon as they were in there, She-Demon said, "My Lady. You and I are of the 
same molding. You delighted in taking souls, and I delight in torturing them 
for eons. I will give you another chance to do what you love, if you do 
something for me." 
	"What is it Lady Devil? I'll do anything!" 
	The Devil went to the cabinet and brought out a single black rose, 
saying "Lady Worship, take this rose. Plant it in the deepest, darkest pit 
of the most desolate planet you shall ever find. Out of it will come a black
liquid, gather this up, and heat it. When that is done, mold it into a new jar 
for yourself. It will be strong enough so no one will be able to break it. But, 
of course, I do want something in return." 
	"Live Lady! You can walk on land, I can't! I am trapped here. 
Promise me that you will marry and have a daughter. Name her Beryl. Help 
her build an empire and learn black magic. She will be my heir to the Nether 
World." With that she sent Lady Worship back to Pluto. There she planted 
the flower and did everything the Devil told her. She married a spoiled king 
and had 4 sons. After killing every one of her sons, she finally had a daughter. 
Ages past, and Beryl grew to hate the light, and hate love. She set up an 
empire, and when old enough, the Devil passed on her trade. Beryl had 
become Queen Beryl of the Nether World. 
Well, that's about it.
My hand hurts now, so I'm going to bed.

July 23rd - Emerald Turret
I don't know why, but I feel slightly out of mind. I am starting to see 
things that aren't really there. I am talking to people who aren't really 
there. What is wrong? Maybe it is just all the stress that has been going 
on. Being Queen isn't easy. It reminds me of something my Grandma used to 
say to me all the time: "You are too happy. Everyone experiences something 
of darkness at least once in his or her lives. Beware little Redeemer! They 
say the happiest ones live the darkest illusions." Does this mean that I 
really am going insane? What shall I do if I am? I read a few poems in the 
library about it yesterday. One really struck me. It was scary that it 
seemed that it was pointed directly at me!
It read:

A lady fair. So beautiful is she.
That no one can compare.
Though what they don't really see,
Is her torment and despair.

Though a ruling girl she be,
With all true dignity
She fights battle so great
That no warrior can knock on her gate.

Her gate of fear
Her gate of pain
Her gate to hell,
But we can't tell.

Under the smiles
A demon awakes
Coiling, feeding on her mind
I guess it's true, what they say about her kind.

Insanity is knocking
She fights hard to not open the door
Would things really be easier,
If she opened the door?

So Princess,
Time is running out
Time to say goodbyes
I will miss you dearly
After I charm you with my lies.

July 24th - Emerald Turret
Well, I just got back from having a long chat with an imaginary pig. It 
sounds funny, I know, but it's not. He told me that the sky would fall and 
his vast army of evil would descend upon the realm of Venus. Well, it 
actually is funny. Imagine, a demon pig and his army of swine! I must laugh 
at myself now. But still it bothers me that I am talking to these images. I 
would go to the doctors, but I am afraid they will think me unfit to rule. 
Oh, what shall I do?

July 25th - Emerald Turret
A messenger came today. His message was this:

Imperial Princess Minako Aino, daughter of King James
And Queen Jezma to Republican Princess and Mistress Of New Jupiter, 
Makoto Kino:

My Dear Lady,
It has been ages since I saw you last, I admit. Times have been harsh for 
me recently. With my recent sickness and my maid's death, I still have hope. 
My mother, the Queen Jezma, wishes for me to marry Lord Britnoth on my 
birthday. I wish for you to attend, Mistress. But now, I pray that you will 
not be angered that I drop my formalities. Please do not come to this 
wedding Mako-Chan, I would rather die than have all my friends see me 
unhappily married. I would have rejected the Lord if he were not such an 
important alias with Venus. Rejecting him would have meant an immediate war 
with Pluto (which is where he is from). I hope you will not grieve for me, 
Mako. I hope you live a happy life, and always follow your heart.

With all the love in this world, and the next,
Your friend,

I feel so sorry for the poor girl. And I also feel guilty when I say how 
Nephrite came to call on me yesterday. He took me to a park and there we ate 
near the cherry trees that are imported from Earth every week. He gave me a 
beautiful costume for the Royal Casa Vela Ariel Ball next week. It's an 
Egyptian dress, and with it comes a golden falcon headpiece. I am meeting 
him tomorrow too. I really, really like him.

August 2nd - Emerald Turret
I am so sorry for not writing, but certain events have stopped me. I must 
recount what has happened. Sometime last week, I was walking through the 
streets of Emerald City, the royal city of New Jupiter, when a stream of 
grayish water started coming down in a little stream from the porch above my 
head. I wanted to know what in the world it was, so I called out to the 
balcony, hoping that someone would hear me. I was in a poor section, right 
on the borderline between Emerald City and the deserted Cassiema Towne. On 
the other side of the City is Stacia where Mama is, if you were wondering. 
But since there was no one answering, I made the mistake of sticking my hand 
in the liquid. I looked around while my hand was in the water, but when I 
looked back, I got sick. My skin was gone! All that was left was red meat, 
white bone, and veins. I screamed and ran back in hysterics to the castle. 
My hand is now wrapped up, but no new skin will grow for a while. I have 
made sure that no one shall breathe a word of this to anyone. Hopefully, no 
one in the other planets shall find out.

August 3rd - Emerald Turret
I barely have strength to write. I woke up this morning, and felt horrible. 
Sir Laimont, my doctor, said my eyes had sunken in and some of my hair has 
fallen out. I have had Liquid Cough all day. You know when you drink water, 
but it goes down the wrong way, and you cough to get all the water out. It's 
like that, but it doesn't go away. I must sleep now, I feel so faint and 

August 5th - Emerald Hospital
I am getting sicker. I don't know what's wrong. I wish I could die, so all 
the pain would go away.

October 10th - Emerald Hospital
I am finally getting better. It has been ever so long, and I know I have a 
lot of things to write. Sir Laimont gave me my case file, so I will just 
copy it down, instead of explaining it all. This is in his Point of View 

Patient: Princess Makoto Kino
Doctor: Sir Laimont Thomason
Case #: 25899

August 3rd -
I have quite an interesting case on my hands. Princess Makoto, after her run 
in with a quite grotesque happening, has gotten quite sick. She was forced 
to stay in the hospital last night, so we could diagnose her injuries, and 
when I went to check on her this morning, she was horribly ugly. Half of her 
hair was strewn about her, obviously ripped out. I told her it had fallen 
out, so as to not scare her. Also, her eyes were incredibly black and low 
and puffy. I hope she shall get better in the next few days.

August 4th -
Makoto is looking worse than ever. She has been in a coma all day. When I 
first checked on her, I thought her dead, for she was very cold. But after 
checking for a pulse, and finding one, I breathed a sigh of relief. I put a 
heater in her window and rubbed her arms and legs with a hot towel, to get 
circulation running better. I had Nurse Camilla come in and bathe her, and 
wash off the layers of makeup that the Princess wore. I will have Camilla 
sit up with her tonight, to see if she wakes.

August 5th -
Makoto awoke last night at around 11:00 RT (Republican Time). She seemed to 
have regained some of her flesh color. Her hand is healing magnificently. I 
thought she was asleep when I went to give her a shot of Iodine, but as soon 
as the needle shot out the liquid, she screamed a horrible scream and 
slapped me very hard across the mouth. I think I will have a mark for a 

August 10th -
I scold myself for not writing. If the Superintendent ever got hold of this, 
and saw my laziness, I would be fired. The Princess has been delusional for 
the last 5 days. She screams illogical things about an evil queen, and 
powers that would rip your insides out through your ears. When she was 
calmer, she called for Sir Nephrite. I sent him a message, and he was here 
within that hour. He has stayed by her side almost nonstop. Even when she 
became violent, and bit the staff and threw things at them screaming 
curses. I shall have to put this report on a lower priority for a while. I 
need to have all my time dedicated to Makoto.

September 31st -
The Princess is sleeping soundly. I must recall what has happened, in case 
anyone wants to study this further. On August 15th, Queen Jupiter arrived, 
and as soon as she heard about her daughter's illness, she rushed to her 
side. She requested that a letter be given to the King immediately. After 
sending the message, we heard the familiar screams of Makoto piercing 
through the still air. Her mother went hysterical and started crying till 
she laughed, then fainted. I went to Makoto's room, and found that she had 
gotten hold of a knife and was cutting words into her skin. Along with three 
grown men, we struggled to strap her down. When we gave her another shot of 
Iodine, and she fell asleep, we looked at the words engraved in her flesh, and 
they read: 'Crazy. Rats.' I wondered what they meant, and while I was 
walking away, I noticed a notebook under her bed. It wasn't her sacred diary 
that she would let none of us touch, but another thing. On it read:
'Crazy, I was crazy once. They put me in a room filled with rats.
Rats, I hate rats, they make me crazy.
Crazy, I was crazy once. They put me in a room filled with rats.
Rats, I hate rats, they make me crazy. Crazy, I was crazy once. 
They put me in a room filled with rats.
Rats, I hate rats, they make me crazy.'

And she must've written it millions of times.

October 9th -
A guest came earlier today. Queen Pluto. She came up to the Princess' room, 
whispered in her ear, and now Makoto is better. Apparently, the Queen knew 
something, and she said that Makoto was right in some of the things that she 
had said, and then she told Makoto a great secret. I know close this case.

Sir Laimont

The Queen told me that I was Sailor Jupiter. I was sick because I wasn't 
ready for all of the power. She gave me a little green pen, with the Jupiter 
symbol atop a little golden globe. She has arranged for me to go to the 
Topaz Palace, so the other scouts and I can train. I must leave now; I have 
to say a prayer to Zeus, thanking him for the ever-kind Queen Pluto.

October 19th - Topaz Palace
I am at the grandest palace of all time. I expected for Princess Venus to 
be here, but she is at the Rose Estate with Lord Britnoth. I feel even 
guiltier now. She is so sad, and I am so happy. I am now the wife of 
Nephrite. Yes, he proposed to me on the 13th, and our wedding was on the 
18th. I am the first sailor here, but the others should come soon. I am far 
too happy to be cooped up in here writing, I am going to go find my husband 
and go walk in the fresh air of this beautiful planet.

January 15th - Topaz Palace
I am so ashamed that I have not written. But I think I may console myself 
with this excuse. I have had training every day, and that is hard enough 
without all the other problems the gods seem to throw at me. I am happy 
though, Mina is now the Imperial Queen, and she is back after her 
miscarriage. It is odd, though she is part of the Empire, and I am a 
Republican, and the other sailors are Democrats, we all get along just fine. 
It's odd how the 9 kingdoms are so diverse in politics, but still get along 
just fine, and call ourselves one. I must bring up the sadness that has been 
haunting me recently. Nephrite is not the same. He keeps trying to persuade 
me to not fight in the Planetary War, and he disappears for long periods of 
time. What is wrong? Is there something wrong with me? What shall I do?

January 31st - Topaz Palace
Father has come back, wishing me well. He was beaming with pride when I 
rushed into his arms. He also cried when we were alone. When I asked him 
why, he said "Oh Mako, I am so proud of you. You have had so much stress the 
past months, and I feel so bad about not coming to you when you were sick." 
I told him that it didn't matter, and I am glad he did not leave his people 
just for me.

February 28th - Siem Palace
This is the night before the battle. I shall give this diary to my mother, 
she will surely keep it safe for me. I have been practicing very hard, and 
have gone through much to get where I am. As soon as we win the battle, I 
shall write in here again. So I shall write later!

Sweetest Love,
Republican Princess, Mistress of New Jupiter, Redeemer of Undying Essence,

Epilogue ----
On March 1st, the brave Sailors and the men they commanded went out to meet
the oncoming army. With Sailor Moon as the leader, their hopes where high.
At noon, the battle had begun. All of them fought valiantly against the Hell
Demons- Each Sailor using her powers to save the lands of Venus, and their
own homes. The fighting lasted for 2 weeks with the victory seeming to go to
the Sailors, but just when victory was almost theirs, they were crushed by a
surprise attack. The Queen Beryl and all of her Generals - Including (to 
Makoto's surprise) Nephrite - appeared behind them. Sailor Jupiter was 
stunned as Nephrite came up to fight her. They fought fiercely, but both 
died in each other's arms.

On Princess Makoto-
Princess Makoto was born a very healthy girl. Growing up, she was known as 
a tomboy. She loved to climb trees and wrestle with boys, but wished she 
were more feminine. Her father was a great king, but constantly gone. Her 
mother was a grand speaker for abused women, and was also hardly there. When 
they were not there, the kingdom depended upon Princess Makoto to lead them. 
When she was 16, Makoto became very ill. Many times she came near death.
She became healthy again, though, when Queen Pluto came to help her. That's 
when she found out she was Sailor Jupiter. She practiced very hard and on 
February 28th, the sailor scouts went to battle the demons of the Nether 
Realm. Her husband in battle killed her.

On Nephrite -
Nephrite was born only two years before Princess Jupiter. He was the son of 
two very powerful politicians. When he was growing up he studied arts and 
literature. But, having an old fashioned father who said he was too 
sensitive, he was sent to military camp. He became a satisfactory soldier. 
On October 19th, he married the Princess. But afterward, he sold his soul to 
the Dark Queen Beryl, and disappeared for long periods of time. The Princess 
in battle killed him.

On the Golden Monarchs-
The King and Queen of Jupiter could never be thought of separately. They 
were two halves of a whole. Queen Callista was the sensitive, courteous, 
kind, outspoken, outgoing side. While King Callisto was the brash, strong, 
caring, shy side. They are so similar because they are brother and sister.

Author's Note ---
Again, this is just a diary that I did for fun, portraying the way I see 
Makoto. All these characters I made up myself except for the princesses and 
the generals. Any resemblance to real-life persons is not my fault. Sailor Moon
is copyrighted to Naoko Takeuchi @ Bandai. Please send any feedback to 

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