I T ' S   A   M A Z E

Have you ever been surfing around on some website's weird navigation system, and then ended up becoming totally lost? Sure, everyone has.I've expanded on that idea and built a maze based on an applet for webpage-navigation. You play the character of Artemis,and you are trying to find Luna, the goal of the maze. It is based on the first season of Sailor Moon(NA). Along the way, you willfind familiar characters to talk to who may or may not help your search.


  • Press START to begin, and on the following page, press "Start". The immediate locations you can go to will appear underneath it and a little bit to the right.
  • To investigate or 'open' a location, click on it.
  • To 'close' a location, click on it again, or click on somewhere else.
  • There are three different parts to the maze because I couldn't hold it all on one webpage.


A question mark icon means... -Search this item.
A person's name with a dialogue icon means... -Click there to see what that person has to say to you. The dialogue will appear in the bottom frame.... There's supposed to be a rough storyline here, but I'll admit that I took quite a bit of creative license with it^_^
A red "X" icon means... -You can not go any further in this direction.
That's enough chit-chat, finally you can....
START Artie's Quest.

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