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PostPosted: Sat 12th Apr 1:56 am    Post subject: D*E*A*T*H Reply with quote

<center>April 12th, 2008

I grow bored of watching over these people. Nothing ever happens.
There are no monsters. There are no villains.
Just... peace.
I feel useless. And I grow restless.
It might be time to start something up.
Just you wait.
I'll come up with something good.



The Tournament

Welcome all fans of bloodsport and mayhem
We, the conspirators of this year's D*E*A*T*H,
are proud to host this event right here in Sai-ga Valley!

As a special honor for inviting us to host this tourney here,
we're allowing your very own Sailor Minty to host the main event for us!

Preparations have still to be made, but don't just sit around and dawdle.
Sign-ups for this tournament will be accepted up until April 19th.

We're planning on taking about 20 entrants for this tourney,
but numbers are subject to change depending on amount of interest and participation


The System

(For anybody familiar, you will find many parallels between this tourney,
SketchBattle/SketchWar and especially from Endzone)

This will be a bracketed tournement

Combatants will be paired off randomly
The arena they fight in will be randomly selected as well

Your job as a contestant will be to draw out the battle between you and your opponent
Once the pairs are selected you will have a week (maybe two) to draw your battle

Winners will be determined through a popular vote
The one with the highest number of votes moves on to the next round


The Arenas

An average arena by all means.
A centralized battle floor surrounded by stadium seating.
Even, gravel flooring, and little in the means of environment for you to react with.
(unless you decide to jump in with the spectators,
but we at D*E*A*T*H headquarters don't encourage that type of behavior)


Once a treasure trove of art and skill,
Vets began falling to pieces due to inactivity.
But when its little sister Advanced was wiped from the face of the Earth,
Vets ceased to hold up much longer.

Only the bravest of souls wander these parts, anymore.
Cracks in the surface of the land send liquid-hot magma spilling underway.
We'll grant the ability to hotstep in this arena so you can traverse the burning rivers of lava
but don't spend too much time traveling the winding roads
You'll fall through after a period of time, and that would not be a pleasant way to go


In its heyday, Pchat was a house of randomosity and obscure jokes
In celebration of this fact, the PC arena gives the intrinsic effect of Hyper;
a state of being where all actions are sped up until a debilitating crash is seen.

The arena itself is a retinal eyesore
Bright and obnoxious colors hit every surface to the point where it could leave brains sore and stomachs reeling
Be wary of squares of ownership sprouting barriers periodically across the field


Once a gated community, the Mangaka district has become slowly
abandoned over the years and now lets newcomers enter freely.

Large, crumbling buildings are littered around the area.
A popular choice for combat in this arena is in the main park
where a large fountain is filled with stagnant water.

Fighters may stumble across the occasional plothole in this decaying city
Use these to your advantage and warp around the area to surprise your foe


This region of Sai-ga valley has never seen much love during its time.
Half-finished projects are strewn about after their owners went off to do other things

Vision in this arena can cloud up with a dense fog
due to users spreading thick obscurities over their works prior to abandoning them.
So not only does this make seeking out your opponent difficult,
but makes avoiding tripping over incomplete projects hard to avoid


The Forgotten Zone
This sector has gone through so many transformations,
it has warped and twisted itself into a seething void of nothingness.
Objects of all shapes and sizes are known to sprout out of the malleable substance that is the Void

The emptyiess of space both gives and takes, however.
There is free movement everywhere in this arena,
but the presence of a vacuum makes spellcasting difficult as one cannot be particularly verbose


The Hopefuls

Following are the Player Cards holding the basic information for our potential combatants

[BBFC] [Cargo] [Chibi Mars] [Hudster]
[Kiyo] [Lore] [Lucy] [Tina]
[Madness] [Magika] [Nuklz]
[DeepBlue52] [Kooriki]
[Alterveve] [Niyoels] [Tanya]
[Crush] [Cosmik] [Heartless Angel]
[DoOp] [DragonEyes16] [Maddi]
[LittleBull] [Celes] [Dakki]

Keep sending yours in to the introductory post here

Remember: The submission deadline is April 19th

Note: If you feel you aren't up to the task of participating in this event, make sure you note me about that.
It would be very anticlimactic to have rounds where people win by default because their opponent never bothered to show up



I'm not sure if there will be any

The 1st place winner may get a request from me
That might be it
I don't have much else to offer, here

At the end of the first round, however, I will be starting a storyline version of this tournament
It should cover all battles
which, in itself, is a prize for everyone


Side Stories

Contestants and viewers alike are encouraged to draw pictures or comics based around this tourney
Nothing effecting the actual tourney, mind you.

Just things like interviews
Talking with other fighters on the grounds and lounge (aka: the forums and DA club)
Signing autographs for fans
Showing your support for a combatant in battle
Accosting your favorite fighter with all your fangirlish love

Just extra things for more community involvement



If you have any questions, or want to refute any bit of my system,
please PM me about them

This tourney won't be starting for a while, so there's plenty of time to nitpick the system and straighten things out beforehand

I'm excited for this tourney, and hopefully things go well

Have fun battling!

(PS: this would be a good topic to sticky once things start going down. *nudgenudge*)
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