Exactly what is the Tarot? It's an ancient method that tells us who we are, and where we are going-- in order so that we may change ourselves for the better. It is a series of 22 cards, each one representing a different phase of the human spirit as it searches for truth. Each card reveals a certain person (or idea) that we may become. The figures that correspond to you personally can predict your inner potential. To truly understand the 'game' of Tarot, you must let yourself become the figures you see, so that you may have the power to take control of your own destiny- and build a new future for yourself. Tarot does not conflict with Christianity, or other religions.
       There is no predetermined 'look' for any of the cards. The many interpretations of the Art of the Tarot provides a profound source of interest for several people. The deck that Rei uses has images of her friends on it, that more or less match with each cards' meaning. Keep in mind that sometimes even though her friends are feminine, the description for it will be mausculine- - The sensitve energies of the cards are more important, and so the card in this case remains mausculine... Choose a card spread to find out your destiny...
* Note: You must wait for a card spread to load completely the first time for optimal viewing experience. *

The Cross

The Seven Cards

The Hexagram

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For the Tarot section, much of the information came from a book named: "The Rohrig Tarot Book". Click here to buy it!
Rei's Policy on Fortune Telling:
My research was done from a great number of sites on the web. All information you see here is provided for entertainment only.(If you'll notice, all of the fortunes provided here are positive anyways^_-) Rei-Sailor Mars is a character from Sailor Moon (copyright @ 1992 Naoko Takeuchi / Kodansha /TOEI Animation.) Every single image on these pages I have edited to some degree and some I have even made from scratch, so Rei would appreciate if you would respect that and not plunder them. It's not too hard to get all these images in their original version just surfing on the web anyways.{grin}