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...The dark clouds are gray, large, and getting larger by the minute. Before you know it, you aretrapped outside in the torrential rain. You hurry along your way,but as you gradually become drenched, you begin to frantically seek any type of cover to protect you.To the side, you make out the form of a smallpagoda-like structure, lodged between the looming shadows of taller buildings. You splash your waythrough the inch-high puddles and quickly duck inside... Once under shelter, you look backover the soggy road, try to shake yourself dry, and wonder how the thunderstorm could have caughtyou so quickly.... Then, you turn around, and wonder where you are.

You were never familiar with this part of theneighborhood, and you seem to be in a very strange building indeed. The place seems much bigger from theinside than you thought it was. Lamps hang from the vaulted ceiling, shedding circular light in some areas but leavinglarge voids of black indiscernible to you. You hear the sound of a violin playing quietly, but you can't tell where it is coming from.Ebony tables lay empty, but you know that there must be some one here.You hang up your coat and walk further into the room, hoping to find the source of that bizarre and enchanting music.As you come deeper inside you notice the scarlett curtain shielding your view from the darkest section. As you watch in awe, the beaded sheets of silk part before you as if from some invisible wind. The woman you see inside is ravishingly beautiful-- dark hair, dark eyes. She beckons for you to take a seat. You do so. Suddenly then, she takes your hand gently and begins to whisper to you, in a voice as inviting and exotic as the music itself....

"Let me tell you your fortune....."